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Topic: Doug Higley and The Great Nippulini
Message: Posted by: Destiny (Jul 19, 2009 03:18AM)
I've always liked props and think carefully chosen props boost confidence onstage and add much more than just a look to the show.

Last night I worked one of the flashest gay resorts in the world. I usually avoid gay venues for fear of becoming a 'gay' entertainer and alienating mainstream work, but this was too good a job to resist. Two half hour shows, and other than the fire eating which after 30 years I could do in my sleep, the biggest hits in 2 great shows were Higleys Shrunken Heads (See No Evil, Speak No Evil and Hear No Evil), Higleys Animal Traps routine and The Great Nippulini's Palm Nail.

I have to admit up front I gaffed the Palm Nail Routine - being a lazy ****er who tends to learn just enough and then refine in performance (bet I'm not the only one) I bought two nails and pulled a swifty - it was fun watching people try to pull the nail out of the block of hardwood I had - ahem - pounded it into :) .

Higley's heads always get a great reaction but last night when the first guy I handed See No Evil refused to touch it a contagion set in - and the respect they had for those three dead heads was astonishing.

In reality Nips' nails are just very nicely done nails and Doug's heads simply scarey dolls but in performance both are so much more.

I can't thank the pair of them enough (though The Great One will probably take a contract out on me for cheating on the nails.)
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Jul 19, 2009 05:46AM)
"The Great One will probably take a contract out on me for cheating on the nails."

Actually no. I don't mind at all what color you use. :)

But seriously...

Caution to Readers: Half the Performer will get half the reaction. Destiny is at the top of the food chain (no pun intended**) when it comes to skilled entertainers.

(** maybe a little one).

Thanks Tony. You are the best of Oz.