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Topic: cheapo
Message: Posted by: templemagic (Mar 27, 2002 09:08AM)
I am 15 and I am trying to get into illusions but you can understand that I don't have much money to buy em with - can anybody tell me of cheap places to buy illusions from?

Thanks, :banana: :banana: :banana:
Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Mar 27, 2002 11:45AM)
Cheap illusions eh? Is there such a thing?LOL!
I would suggest checking out used illusions, especially if you are just starting out. Try http://www.magicauction.com

There are also many brand new 'mini illusions' out there that play big and most are well under a $1000.00 such as
The French guilotine, Murder inc, and the Princess Flying carpet. These are also great if you are just starting out in illusions.

Message: Posted by: RangeCowboy (Mar 27, 2002 12:02PM)
Like Peter says,

There ain't cheap magic - but then if you were a golfer, the same applies I guess.

I started by reading EVERY magic book in my local library. I did coin magic and rope magic since there's little expense there and then silks which makes for a fairly good five minute performance for each.

After that, for my money I'd said the Sword swallowing act available in most magic shops is very visual and will scare the daylights out of your parents. Done with style its a very convincing performance.

Then for a close I'd do a mentalism act.
Message: Posted by: David Todd (Mar 27, 2002 02:36PM)
Gary Darwin's "Inexpensive Illusions" book and/or video.

I have also read that Mark Wilson has a good video out on Easy to Build Illusions. Look for at http://www.stevensmagic.com

Take a look at Victory Carton Illusions and Illusion Secrets , both by U.F. Grant. (I think both of those are still in print. Anybody know ?) Also, Six Levitations and Bodies in Orbit , also by U.F. Grant. Grant's self-levitation really works great. It reads so simple that I don't think many magicians have ever tried it , but with a lot of rehearsal , the right presentation and a few careful refinements (make sure the big paper sack is double-reinforced and weighted at bottom) it is a stunner.

I think you'll find something worthwhile in these.

Oh, and get any of Gene Poinc's books on illusions .
llusions For Princes & Paupers , and Imagination , both by Eugene Poinc.

Here's a reference list on books about illusions:

Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Mar 28, 2002 05:22AM)
Now you are asking for cheap illusions.

[*]Build Your own Illusions by Jim Sommer
[*]Stage Illusions for the 1-2 or 3 Performer Show by Burling "Volta Hull"
[*]Illusions FX by Andrew Mayne

[*]Darwin's Inexpensive Illusions
A complete illusion show with everyday household items (Black Art Principles)

Be lucky, and be in the right place at the right time.

For billing yourself as an Illusionist, you need to start with four Illusions and eight powerful tricks you do very well.

Low price end:
Super-X Suspension (Levitation is a must)
Head Chopper (Suspense, Drama, and Comedy)
Visable Sawing In Half (Suspense, Drama, and Comedy)
Production Box
Sub Trunk

Hope this helps.
Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Mar 28, 2002 05:26AM)
Great references to books providing great inexpensive building tips, however I think TempleM. is looking for illusions to buy rather than to build. But I could be wrong.

I believe this might help a lot of others out there trying to get started in illusions, without having a huge budget.
Great references on those illusions Dennis.