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Topic: I am extremely dissapointed
Message: Posted by: The Curator of the Unusual (Jul 30, 2009 05:56PM)
After veiwing the Website Freakshoworld.com, I have come to the conclusion that this is just another JS propaganda site, Like the failed "Big John Strong and Son" yahoo group...I was expecting a $50,000 site like was promised a while back...The only good thing I have found is that if you click on one of the category's...it propels you to Sideshow World.com, ...In short, if this site is what 50g's get you, I would have my receipt and returning the goods FAST!....However to be fair...its only been up about a Day or so..Time will really tell...Yet if I was a betting man..and I had to choose which would get more "Hits"...Freakshowworld.com or Mystic Marlow facing Major Leaque baseball pitching....I'd have to say, "Swing away Marlow!"....
Message: Posted by: Rotten (Jul 31, 2009 03:13AM)
Tonight was my birthday dinner. I learned much from a friend, to remain nameless but knows all, just what a tool JS Jr. really is. Burning it for everyone. I am not doing "What Would Todd Do." But I am really saddened to find out the real deal. I thought it was joshing between friends. Todd is an amazing gentleman. JS Jr. has shamed the biz and doesn't seem to want to stop. Never met him and don't care to. Enough said. Too much. It's my birthday so I don't give a rats tail. I am tired of reading the BS on the sideshow sites. I'm sure Todd feels like he's running a daycare at this point. Will anything shut JSJR up? That was my B-day wish when I blew out the candles.
Message: Posted by: thegreatnippulini (Jul 31, 2009 08:07AM)
You mean you ruined this years chance to wish it to rain $100 bills for THAT?
Message: Posted by: Utah_Showman (Jul 31, 2009 08:48AM)
Jim you know JS said "he is going to have the greatest site in the world, even if he has to steal all the links from Sideshow World."

Got to Love it!
Message: Posted by: Harley Newman (Jul 31, 2009 09:10AM)
Will, you can just set your email preferences, so that anything from JS goes straight to your junk box. It's very handy.
Message: Posted by: Kondini (Jul 31, 2009 11:22AM)
I just don`t get any of this at all!!

A new website dedicated to sideshow,,,fantastic.

Nothing of substance on the site !!! Maybe still under construction ?

A performers catch phrase (Given with full permission !) As a heading to this site ?

Has the world gone mad ? Why on earth would you give away (Even sell) Your own catch phrase ?

Either someone is taking the mickey,,,or what, No logic to any of this at all.
Or is this a US thing that us Brits just don`t fathom.

Message: Posted by: Todd Robbins (Jul 31, 2009 12:02PM)
I'll explain it all to you in a PM tomorrow. Right now I'm off to do a gig. Since I am not making the really big bucks working Coney Island, I have to pick up whatever little crumbs I can, like performing at a $1,000 a ticket event in the Hamptons or at an upscale resort in the Poconos. They will do, but it is hardly like working the greatest sideshow in the world there in Coney Island.

By the way, some people have compared Coney Island to Blackpool. No. Coney Island has more in common with Hiroshima in 1945 than Blackpool today.
Message: Posted by: Utah_Showman (Jul 31, 2009 12:27PM)

It all about EGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

or ID, who knows????????????????????

I'm just one of those Knuckle Draggers.

It's so easy a Cave Dweller can do it.

I would have used man but it's not PC anymore, as they are changing
the text books and removing any gender references.

You know like Founding Fathers - to Founders
Chairman/woman to just chair - I want to be one of those over stuffed one!

Who knows maybe a Showman will just become a Show!!!!!!!!!!!
Message: Posted by: Rotten (Jul 31, 2009 01:15PM)
If you wrestle with pigs you get muddy and the pig has a good time. That would be my guess as to why someone would "give" a catch phrase away. I seriously doubt and hope that it will effect Todd that some moron is abusing his kindness. Kindness or perhaps pity?