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Topic: I am not sure if...
Message: Posted by: London (Jun 1, 2003 11:16AM)
I am not sure if this "room" is about where to put it all while performing or at home if you are collecting? At any rate I am looking for the best way to catalog my library of magic and mentalism. What is the best way to store the small paper back "booklets"
beside shoe boxes and things like that, because they really don't fit properly on shelves. Thanx :worry:
Message: Posted by: MAGICBYTIM (Jun 3, 2003 11:09AM)
There are a couple of things you can do with small booklets. Some of my booklets I have copied and three ring punched them and put them in a binder and catologued what was in the binder on the outside. Then I store the original in a box with other originals. I have been told I should not do that since the booklets are copyrighted. I think that if I buy a book then I can do what I need to to use the book the most effective way. As long as I do not give the copies or original away.

This is also what I do when I find a routine I like in a magazine or online. I print or copy it and put in these binders. I also have binders for different types of magic (closeup, children, etc.)

I have also put small books or lecture notes in zip lock bags with numbers on them. Then I can lable the box they are in and get to them quickly.

Hope this helps

Message: Posted by: Mark Martinez (Jun 3, 2003 11:31AM)
I also like to have my stuff in binders, but I bought comic book sleeves that hook in the binders, and hold my booklets! I have them in alphabetical order and the outside of the binder is labeled with what’s inside.

I think that the last holders I bought were not comic book holders but were from Office Max "Heavyweight Sheet Protectors".

Good Luck!
Message: Posted by: London (Jun 3, 2003 11:52AM)
Thanks guys. Although I think the photo copy thing would get costly especially after I copied all 465 of them.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Jul 24, 2003 10:34PM)
At some office supply stores, you can find small plastic holders for magazines. They usually hold about a dozen copies of Reader's digest. These will help you keep the paperbacks fresh. You can sometimes change the height of your shelves to accomodate paperbacks, also.

If you have old ones that are delicate, put them in acid free catalog envelopes.

Whatever you do, DON'T glue plastic or cardboard covers to them!!!!
Message: Posted by: G. LaBarre (Jul 24, 2003 10:59PM)
On 2003-06-03 12:31, Mark Martinez wrote:
... Comic Book Sleeves that hook in the Binders, and hold my booklets! "Heavyweight Sheet Protectors".

Thanks MARK MARTINEZ for that great advice. I just have my manuscripts and soft covers on shelves with the biggest on the bottom and the smaller ones on top. With your solution I can store them by categories or by authors. I have lots with signatures that will be protected too.
Message: Posted by: Ricahato (Oct 2, 2003 08:23PM)
If you have access to a scanner I would digitize everything and put the originals on boxes for pictures, those acid free ones. :hmm:
Message: Posted by: magicmonkeyphoto (May 28, 2004 08:08PM)
I recomend using the plastic storage sheets that can be put into 3 ring binders, but then putting them in a binder that can be closed up enough to keep dust out. You can get them at larger photographers supply stores. They aren't water proof, but if some liquid did splash on them, it likely wouldn't make it into the binder, and almost definately not onto the protected booklets.