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Topic: Triple Impact - Matt Ellison
Message: Posted by: tester2006 (Aug 6, 2009 03:33PM)
Hi there, does anyone know where I can get this trick? I saw that there were several recommendations for best self-working trick. The demo looked good too. It appears that it is no longer in print? I beleve Alakazam is selling it over in the uk but would like to avoid paying in pounds and overseas shipping if I can.

Message: Posted by: mmreed (Sep 16, 2009 02:41PM)
Triple Impact is a GREAT effect.

We carry it : http://www.shopmagicvault.com/Triple-Impact-version-20-wDVD-Alakazam-_p_835.html
Message: Posted by: tester2006 (Sep 17, 2009 08:56AM)
I have the original version, does anyone know if anything has changed for Triple Impact 2.0 besides that a DVD is now included with instructions?
Message: Posted by: mmreed (Sep 17, 2009 09:52PM)
It is slightly different - plus the dvd has a few new presentation ideas.

if you perform this effect often, 2.0 may be worth it... if it is just an occasional effect, stick with what you have.
Message: Posted by: Tennispro (Sep 29, 2009 11:01AM)
Ichange by Nardi or Triple Impact which is the better impact in walkaround and the faster reset? Thanks
Message: Posted by: Corbett (Oct 1, 2009 08:30AM)
The description of this effect sounds too good to be true. For anyone that has this, or has performed it, can you please offer a review?
Message: Posted by: Tennispro (Oct 1, 2009 09:51AM)
Actually after some thought (on Triple Impact) couldn't you simply do an effect just like it but making 3 forces and having pocked duplicates?
Message: Posted by: Corbett (Oct 1, 2009 09:54AM)
Isn't that essentially what is being done? The routine comes with a deck, so I am assuming it's a forcing deck of some kind, but not sure. Which is why I would like a review. Routine description says cards are "freely selected," which of course would be impossible. This however, wouldn't explain how you get the pocket location correct, since the spectator apparently has free choice of which one of their pockets they put their selection in.
Message: Posted by: backprop (Oct 1, 2009 06:05PM)
I think that erictan8888 asks the question on the third page of this thread:


I have the effect and am happy to answer any questions as well, but being a newbie don't want to overstep any bounds in doing so :)
Message: Posted by: Failed Magician (Oct 30, 2009 10:13PM)
Can we do it with multiple audience? I mean, instead giving the three cards to one spectator, can we give the three cards to three different people? Will the performance be tacky? Just exploring some ideas.
Message: Posted by: Gianni (Nov 6, 2009 02:08PM)
To Tennispro and Failed Magician:

You could do the effect as both of you have suggested. The problem is that you will lose what is, in my opinion, the strongest part of this trick: you predict which of the three SPECIFIC pockets on ONE spectator that the cards will be in.

Message: Posted by: Failed Magician (Nov 8, 2009 06:10AM)
That's true. I guess if we're doing it for multiple audience at the same time it would be just like another Brainwave trick.
Message: Posted by: Isaiah (Oct 27, 2013 08:07AM)
I open my show with triple impact and it fries them. This is a gem of a trick and when presented correctly (like my way) it will just blow the audience away. I tell all working magicians not to overlook this trick.
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Nov 20, 2013 12:03PM)
I purchased it years ago, and never worked on it. But reading this thread has sparked my desire to dig it out and revive it.
Message: Posted by: wanderwizard (Apr 7, 2016 03:37PM)
Just got it out of drawer to use tomorrow,Great trick.I use envelopes A.B.C, the envelopes they have match mine which have been on the table all the time,it does`nt get any better,self working too.
Message: Posted by: dj (Sep 6, 2018 10:31AM)
I also have original "Tripple Impact" by Matt Ellison.
Have you already thought about presenting "Tripple Impact" with an unprepared deck of cards?
So the routine is impromptu, "Impromptu Tripple Impact".
You do not need a special deck of cards or extra gimmick cards.