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Topic: Search engine gets me irritated...
Message: Posted by: niva (Aug 15, 2009 10:49AM)

I have been a member of the Café for a very long time, since it's early beginning and I love this place. The Café is one of my favourite places to visit on the whole web.

But this search engine is really stupid. It makes me soooo angry. I type something, I hit enter and then I realise I missed a letter. Too late. I have to wait for what looks like ages untill I can try again. Only to find out that what I typed did not get me any satisfying results. I have to wait again... Oh this is so frustrating.

The search engine was not always like this. And I have never seen a search engine like this on any other site.

Please can something be done about this. I just hate searching here for this very reason.

Thanks a lot.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Aug 15, 2009 03:39PM)
Ivan, I'm not sure how many times we have to go over this and meaning no disrespect to you, as a long time user you should have seen at least some of the posts that have been made concerning this situation. Here's a link to one that goes into it pretty deeply.


You don't have to wait for ages in order to be able to do another search. There is a two minute time lock after each search and this topic I linked explains what is happening.