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Topic: Legend: A Ghost Story by Steve Fearson
Message: Posted by: michaelmystic2003 (Aug 20, 2009 01:47PM)

Effect: This is a new Animated Deck effect from Steve Fearson... a cased deck of cards eerily moves as the spectator touches it the entire time. This is all accompanied by the legend of famous Mexican gambler Pancho Diablo, who never lost and was accused of cheating. Because of this accusation, he was killed, and it's said if you call his name 3 times, he will appear.

Review: Steve told me about this one months ago, and from the description it sounded rather hard to believe. It sounded like an effect that would require some sort of electronic system to accomplish. Then, when the product page appeared and I saw the price of $20, I knew that couldn't be the case. Later on, a demo emerged, and it looks just as unbelievable as it reads. The part that especially threw me is the claim that the spectator touching the deck as it wiggles out of the cellophane will actually feel a great deal of pressure, like a force is pushing the box out. I was literally clueless.

Finally, last week, mine arrived in the mail. Naturally, the first thing I did was rip open the DVD and put it in my player. The method is incredible. Really. It's not electronic in any sense. In fact, the gimmick is made of 4 primary materials... it can be made in under 15 minutes with tools you already have in your house. The three props that might be harder to find have been graciously included in the DVD package. The gimmick is hidden in plain sight the whole time. The spectator can burn the box, the cellophane, anything, and they will never see a single thing.

The gimmick isn't necessarily difficult to construct, but it isn't too easy either. It will take a lot of precision at certain points but nothing too challenging. Steve provides enough material to make 2 gimmicks and on the DVD offers many additional sources to restock on the materials.

On that note, we are brought to the DVD. The DVD is nicely produced, with clear picture and sound quality... there's nothing note-worthy but nothing to complain about either. Steve provides the entire script for the Legend of Pancho Diablo to accompany the effect, but if you're like me, you won't use it. It's not that it's not a good script or premise, it is, but I personally hate performing a routine the same way others perform it. As such, my scripting is considerably different.

Anyways, on topic... Steve performs the entire effect, including all three phases he uses plus his script. It looks amazing. Immediately afterwards, he takes you through all of the materials you will need to construct the gimmick and how to get them if you don't already have them. Although his detail is appreciated, this part dragged a bit for me and I found myself fast forwarding a bit. Finally, we get to the construction of the gimmick. Steve actually constructs a brand new gimmick real-time, making it easy to follow along. I particularly like this about the Construction portion of the DVD... unlike a lot of other how-to projects in which they do not show you how to make it in real-time, Steve's approach is a nice touch.

This effect, like many of Fearson's effects, is quite flexible in regards to appropriate performing conditions. It can be creepy, spooky, magical, or fascinating, depending on how you approach it. It can also be performed in a variety of venues, from restaurants to formal parlour shows. It is not, however, suited well to stage performance for obvious reasons... a single deck of cards moving a few inches isn't going to be all that impressive to spectators 100 feet away.

Should you buy this DVD? If you like levitation and animation effects, this is a must. If not, it's still worth your consideration... even if you don't use it, you will still appreciate it's clever method.

Overall, on a scale from 1 to 10, I give Steve Fearson's LEGEND an 8/10. This is a solid, powerful piece with an extremely unique method from one of today's leading inventors in levitation and animation effects. If you hate do-it-yourself projects, do not get this. If you don't mind a little effort for an effect of this nature, by all means get this.

Legend can be purchased at http://emagicsupply.com/112-LEGEND-82-custom.html

Michael Kras
Message: Posted by: rowdymagi5 (Aug 20, 2009 05:20PM)
Great review, thanks!
Message: Posted by: Magic Spank (Aug 21, 2009 01:37PM)
Does this trick include candy? I love candy.

Message: Posted by: Tigerrune (Sep 2, 2009 08:40AM)
I've been looking at it myself, thanks for the review.
Message: Posted by: Mind_Magic (Sep 2, 2009 01:23PM)
I like the effect and the story.
It will work great in a Bizarre context.
Already order it and waiting to scare someone...
Message: Posted by: Mind_Magic (Sep 2, 2009 06:22PM)
After download and watch it, I like it a lot.

Second Michael excellent review.

It will work great in a Bizarre routine so I'm looking to build the gimmick using a Tarot deck.

Takes some time to make the gimmick but it's not difficult at all.

I give to this effect 4 skulls of 5.
Message: Posted by: Paul Rathbun (Sep 2, 2009 08:01PM)
This looks really good. Would it work well for table hopping?
Message: Posted by: michaelmystic2003 (Sep 3, 2009 12:46PM)
Absolutely... it's great for table hopping, formal close up, etc.
Message: Posted by: Christopher Rinaldi (Sep 4, 2009 07:25PM)
This looks really good!
Message: Posted by: hendramagic (Sep 4, 2009 08:11PM)
Yes is look very good, I get my Legend and sold out. and I order 3 again because this effect is wonderfull I recommend this. And Steve Fearson is Good service and good explain in DVD. You will Get Gimmick + DVD and story incredible.
Message: Posted by: Dan Bernier (Sep 4, 2009 11:35PM)
On 2009-09-04 21:11, hendramagic wrote:
Yes is look very good, I get my Legend and sold out. and I order 3 again because this effect is wonderfull I recommend this. And Steve Fearson is Good service and good explain in DVD. You will Get Gimmick + DVD and story incredible.

You ordered 3 again? Why? Wouldn't one be good enough?
Message: Posted by: slyhand (Sep 5, 2009 06:44AM)
Because I think Hendra ia a dealer.

Also I bought the d/l and was able to make it quite easily. I had some material from a container already in the form it was supposed to be. I just needed to do a little trimming.

It works well, it just needs to be presented well.
Message: Posted by: hendramagic (Sep 5, 2009 09:34AM)
Yes I am dealer in Indonesia. thanks Mr.Slyhand. thanks.
Message: Posted by: MarianoG (Sep 8, 2009 02:46AM)
Is there any bad angles related to this effect?
Message: Posted by: Detlef (Sep 9, 2009 03:13AM)
No angle problem at all.
Message: Posted by: slyhand (Sep 9, 2009 07:20AM)
You can do it absolutely surrounded. Above, below, sides, back, front, whatever.

I didn't have everything in the house to make it but improvised with what I did have and it still works great.
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Sep 15, 2009 08:42PM)
Is this not Steve's previously released effect "Static Elevation" with a new presentation?
Message: Posted by: Paul Rathbun (Sep 17, 2009 08:43AM)
Can the deck of cards be examined?

Or can the cards be used for other effects after doing this one?
Message: Posted by: slyhand (Sep 17, 2009 09:33AM)
Yes, the cards can me examined and used in other tricks.
Message: Posted by: michaelmystic2003 (Sep 17, 2009 10:44AM)
On 2009-09-15 21:42, daffydoug wrote:
Is this not Steve's previously released effect "Static Elevation" with a new presentation?

Yes, in all honesty, it is. Is this a problem?
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Sep 17, 2009 02:59PM)
No. Not a problem. Just that I already purchased S.E. years ago, and don't really want to spend the bucks again just for the presentation angle.
Message: Posted by: RooMan (Sep 17, 2009 05:11PM)
I kinda-sorta like this a lot! It looks great. My only warning is to those who aren't inclined to DIY projects. I consider myself a good prop maker and still this gave me some problems. Nothing that had me throwing stuff across the room in a rage but I did have to monkey with the design a few times to get it to work well. Once it does, however, it's really quite remarkable. Basically, I found it worked better to "double up" on some thicknesses in the construction.

I can see someone younger and a lot less lazy than I taking this concept and really building something cool with it. Even inches away you can't see what's making it work. Really nice. Just a wee bit fussy to build is all.
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Sep 17, 2009 07:24PM)
The times I built my own in the past I found the materials that are used in the construction get old and can experience "rot" or stretch, making it necessary to reconstruct the gimmick periodically.

In other words after it gets old, it don't work as good. It loses it's power to elevate the pack.

That is not a bad thing. Steve can't help that. But be aware that once you build one (not hard to do) It will only last for so long before you have to rebuild.
Message: Posted by: Jason Messina (Sep 30, 2009 01:42PM)
I haven't put this together yet but I will later today. Looks great and the method is very clever. Can't wait to put this to use.....
Message: Posted by: Wolfenout (Oct 5, 2009 02:01PM)
I purchased the download and so after having watched it once, I went out bought the materials needed and built two all within a couple of hours. The second gimmick allowed for greater height. I took it to my restaurant gig to test it for my halloween set and it got good reactions. I didn't do the ghost story, but rather the psychic powers story, and it was well received.
Message: Posted by: jsheas (Oct 13, 2009 12:18PM)
Where is all the buzz and hype for this great effect? I have seen so many other tricks with multiple pages of posts that don't come close to this effect.
Message: Posted by: Wolfenout (Oct 20, 2009 02:07PM)
It's just so hard to read over everything and write comments about all the great effects. Plus I have to keep looking over my shoulder to make sure my boss doesn't catch me.
Message: Posted by: dabah2014 (Oct 20, 2009 05:06PM)
I recently purchased Legend from Downloadmagic.com. The effect is pretty good, but the construction of the gimmick requires prescision on the part of the creator. So far, it's amazed everyone I've performed it for.
Message: Posted by: Steven Leung (Oct 20, 2009 11:20PM)
I got fooled, twice when my favorite local magic shop demonstrate that to me. Highly recommended.
Message: Posted by: DN777 (Oct 28, 2009 05:56AM)
Fearson is a genius, I have no doubt it's good.

Message: Posted by: Victor Ian Smith (Dec 8, 2009 12:49AM)
Two questions...

How is the reset?

And can this gimmick/idea be used on items other than cards (i.e. cigarette packs, gum packs, etc.)?


Message: Posted by: MagicMan1957 (Dec 19, 2009 02:38PM)
Does anyone know where to get the needed material in quantity?

I want to make a few spares and need more *******.

Please send PM,
Thank You
Message: Posted by: Magic Spank (Jul 27, 2010 06:15PM)
Any good art shop should have ******** in big sheets :)
Message: Posted by: Silver Glove Magic (Nov 24, 2012 09:13PM)
SOOOO glad I found this thread. This effect looks outstanding. I'm glad the harder the gimmick is to build the less will be performing it. Makes sense I never heard a buzz on this. Requires actual analog skill. Like building you're own furniture from IKEA, not impossible, but boy does it take time out of you're day. Worth it in the end. This is the same. I can already picture blending this effect and its story, with Haunted/Haunted 2.0. Imagine, the box floats out of the cellophane, then the card eerily creeps out of the deck. Something to ponder.
Message: Posted by: Fire Starter (Oct 24, 2013 12:40PM)
Moved post,sorry.
Message: Posted by: Bietfriek (Nov 10, 2013 03:02AM)
Really did like the outtakes on the DVD ;)
Message: Posted by: Bietfriek (Nov 10, 2013 04:00AM)
Received the dvd two days ago, made a prototype which worked but I was not fully satisfied.
30 minutes ago I gave it another try and wow! Just like in the demo :D
Really like it, can see myself using it.