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Topic: Help finding a match effect
Message: Posted by: Dennis (Jun 4, 2003 10:34AM)
I hope someone knows where I can find this effect. I've been trying to find it for awhile...

You balance a paper match on a matchbook,
cover them with a glass, concentrate on the match and it falls off the book!

...and if I remember right, no threads and no magnets.

I can't remember where I read it!


Message: Posted by: Ignore me... (Jun 5, 2003 10:27AM)
I think I remember that being in the excellent book by Paul Daniels, "Adult Magic." I don't have the book at hand, though, so I'll have to check when I have time.
Message: Posted by: Socrates (Jun 16, 2003 01:18PM)
Try Martin Gardners 'Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic' as it will probably be in there.

Message: Posted by: Dennis (Jun 16, 2003 01:33PM)
That was the first place I tried!
Message: Posted by: markkwan (Jun 16, 2003 11:04PM)
I have no idea, but please let us know when you find it. it sounds great!
Message: Posted by: JesseMagic (Jul 2, 2003 12:50AM)
This isn't what you're looking for, but if you go to watchmagic.com, than go to the video demo section, you can download a clip called matches that is a great bill to book of matches...check it out, let me know what you think...