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Topic: Busked Alaska?
Message: Posted by: flooglestreet (Jun 4, 2003 02:52PM)
:hmm: Anybody played Alaska? I have heard that a person can do quite well there if they are any good.
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Jun 4, 2003 05:42PM)
How many months of the year can you work there?

Or are you not talking about Street Busking?

People there must meet someplace during the winter season, since they have so much of it.

Are you talking about working inside?

Either way, I guess, if you are good, you can make money almost anywhere.

Message: Posted by: flooglestreet (Jun 5, 2003 09:09AM)
Nope, BroDavid, I mean working the streets. It's warm enough in the summer. I can work elsewhere in the winter.
Message: Posted by: John Smetana (Jun 5, 2003 02:08PM)
The only person I've heard of playing there was Presto (Earl Johnson) from NY. Don't think he worked the streets though. I think he worked in the bars and clubs.

Best thoughts,
John Smetana :kewl:
Message: Posted by: Jesse Dains (Jun 17, 2003 07:23PM)
I haved worked Alaska a lot as a pitchman but not busking.I have been there over a dozen times and lived there over 5 years the last time. I would point out that the population is not very high. I would stay out of Fairbanks. Anchorage is a better bet. The state fair in Palmer might be the best bet there. If you do bar or restaurant Magic that might be the best bet for finding tourists. It is a great place to see. Good luck. .Jesse
Message: Posted by: flooglestreet (Jun 26, 2003 04:28PM)
Thanks all, especially Jesse. Anchorage is good one or two days out of the week. However, I have had a very warm reception here, (friendly, not Salem) and may have a good daily pitch soon.Unusually cold summer and that hurts, but I have a lot of chance to grow here. :propeller: