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Topic: "Love Your Doves" - Dave Scribner
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Aug 29, 2009 06:22AM)
Dave Scribner, assistant manager just finished writing his lecture notes, "Love Your Doves". The cost is only $10.00. For those of you who are thinking about adding doves to your act, this is the way to go. I also recommend it for professionals. I like what I learned from it even though I have been using doves for 20 years. If you want to purchase the lecture note, just send him a PM.

Following are the words he leaves concerning more information about the package deal:

"The notes are not just a collection of ideas from the lecture but actually the lecture itself. They consist of 4 individual chapters, starting out assuming the reader is totally new to dove magic. It includes tips and ideas for everyone, even the experienced dove worker. Topics covered and in sequence are:

How to do a basic steal
Types of pockets, holders and loops commercially available and how to make your own
Types of loop holders and ideas on making your own
How to do a steal
Types of Doves available
Cages, aviaries, health, care and maintenance,food, treats and diseases
Coloring, feather and nail trimming
Reference material for research and library building

Each of the sections is detailed, and there are several photos to go along with the discussion."