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Topic: Newspaper Cuttings/Clippings
Message: Posted by: Roni (Aug 30, 2009 05:33PM)
Hi there,
I am working on a routine and I need "Old" newspaper clipping/cutting. Do you know of a website that deal with that type of thing? Creating Newspapers to the date I need?
Thank you for your help
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Aug 30, 2009 05:50PM)

like this?
Message: Posted by: lin (Aug 30, 2009 06:42PM)
Here's another useful site:

Message: Posted by: handa (Aug 30, 2009 08:02PM)
Doesn't Chuck Hickok have a solution to this as well?

Message: Posted by: George Ledo (Aug 30, 2009 10:30PM)
Wow! Looking through some of those props, and especially the Necronomicon book covers, got me thinking...

I'd love to make up a book cover with a face on it, like ancient tooled and worn leather, with a couple of LEDs under the eyes and covered with a thin layer of material. Remote control. Just flash them quickly once and move on with the routine.

Ah, so many projects, so little time... :)