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Topic: Faux pickpocketing - the real work
Message: Posted by: suspectacts (Aug 30, 2009 07:06PM)
I have just begun to develop a cards across and since I already do a watch steal in the show, I am interested in possibly using a faux pickpocketing theme. So here's my

How do you simulate the steals without making it so realistic that it seems like you are exposing the method? How realistic do you make it?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Message: Posted by: parmenion (Aug 31, 2009 07:08AM)
Could you elaborate ?

Yo don't want the steal are too realistic ?
Message: Posted by: suspectacts (Aug 31, 2009 08:21AM)
I believe the entertainment of pickpocketing is when the audience is aware it is happening while you are doing it. The laughter starts once you 'flash' the watch or wallet to the audience.

So for this routine to 'work' I want the audience to feel they are 'seeing' me steal the money from one person and put it onto the other person (this is my ideal).

The problem is: I'm having trouble imagining how I would create that illusion of being an expert without actually being good enough to get my hand in a jacket or pocket without being caught.

With the method of Cards Across I have developed, and most out there, all the dirty work is done during the setup of the trick - "Here are ten cards for you and ten cards for you".

Then I announce that the challenge will begin. This means I need to DO SOMETHING that signifies that I have been able to move each card. But what does that LOOK like?

I'm not big on declaring I have magical powers, on stage, so I need to create bits of business that look like they are associated with the method - but don't demand that I actually get my hands into the volunteers pockets to have them fight back or give the audience the sense that they are seeing me do everything, since it wouldn't be much of a trick without SOME MYSTERY.

Hope that helps

Message: Posted by: NJJ (Sep 11, 2009 04:50AM)
I get what you want Peter.

1) Touch the audience members...alot. Get close to them. Later, they'll remember this and think it was the moment of the steal.

2) Create fake misdirection. Point to things on the other side of the stage followed by a swift change of direction. This will create the same feeling of 'something suspect' later on.

3) Stand on the spectator's right. Hold the extra cash/cards in your left hand. Step forward and look down at their hands extend your left hand behind their back flash the money as you do. You may like to place the hand with the palmed money on their shoulder.

4) If using women, DO NOT put the cash under their backside or in their top. Chuck Fayne has a great story about getting abused by an angry husband.

5) Possibly, try for four cards but 'accidentally' drop the last one. Explain you've stuffed up but that you got the first three.
Message: Posted by: NJJ (Sep 11, 2009 04:52AM)
PS - I'm working on a similar routine currently. Not cards across but you might like to chat about it. PM me.
Message: Posted by: David Alexander (Jan 13, 2010 10:06AM)
Do NOT use women in a pickpocket act.

It will not work and you open yourself up to a host of problems.