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Topic: Mental challenges
Message: Posted by: 808 (Aug 31, 2009 08:08AM)
Hello All,

I'm after your recommendations for - one on one - mental challenges.

By this I mean things that you could sit, for instance, back to back with a spec and succeed in mind reading stunts.

Things such as a Remote Colour Cube would be ideal. (Doesn't have to be electronic)

Predictions would be good too.

It could aslo be for more than one spec - so something like Oddball would be good - but one on one would be better.

Looking forward to your brainpower...

Thanks everyone,

Message: Posted by: Dick Christian (Aug 31, 2009 09:45AM)
In what kind of situation are you performing? For just one or two friends, family members or co-workers or are you actually presenting a "performance" for an audience of some size? If the latter, I would avoid presenting anything as a "challenge," but present "demonstrations" instead. When you offer a "challenge" you are daring the audience to beat you at your own game and they will invariably do so, making you look like an idiot. On the other hand a review of the literature will reveal a great many effects that involve the participation of only one other person, yet will be entertaining for the entire audience. There are any number of psychological forces that play very strong with an audience of 50 or more, but they tend to be far more risky when attempted one-on-one or with an audience of only a few.
Message: Posted by: 808 (Aug 31, 2009 12:02PM)
Good words Christian,

It would be for a passing audience at a festival where I will be giving demonstrations of mentalism.

During these demonstrations I would like to throw in a few direct challenges which, like the remote cube, can be controlled to a safe degree and hopefully avoid egg on my mush.

I hope this gives a better indication of what I'm up to.


Message: Posted by: Axel (Aug 31, 2009 03:19PM)
Hi 808!

I had fun a few times with the "Just Chance"-Effect from "13 Steps" (p.43). It's a game with three envelopes where 2 spectators get to choose an envelope. After they've chosen their envelope each of them can switch theirs with the one left for the performer. In the end the performer has the one with the money and the spectators end up with blank papers or maybe - to take off the edge a little bit - some kind of consolation prize. I changed the handling a little bit because I did not feel comfortable with corindas "out"...
But it's fun and I think it's possible to present it in a sure-fire and entertaining manner, without making the spectators look like losers.

Best regards,

Message: Posted by: Dick Christian (Aug 31, 2009 05:00PM)

A book test would work well in the situation you describe and would be best if you had several books -- either gimmicked or ungimmicked -- for a participant to choose from. Ungimmicked books are best of course. If you choose "special" books you'd want to be sure that they can be handled briefly by the participant without the "secret" being detected. Other quick effects, e.g., three cards are displayed face-up (ideally one red low spot, one black high spot and one picture card of either color) spectator mentally selects one, then names it and you reveal that you "influenced them" to select that one (i.e., you have 3 outs so you can prove you influenced the selection of any of the three) or something similar would also play well. Obviously, you will need several such effects as the one I described cannot be repeated for someone who saw you do it for someone else. Any number of such effects can be found in the literature.