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Topic: Looking for a way to value Suzy Wandas collection
Message: Posted by: Lucy Smalley (Sep 1, 2009 02:18PM)
I have several pieces that were given to me by Suzy Wandas many years ago. 2 poster type pieces, 2 black and white 8x10's, one signed "To Dr. Zina Bennett, Suzy Wandas, three Rivers 1959(the last digit is hard to read, I think it is a 9)", and the other is a pic I have never seen anywhere else, with her in a white satin dress and top hat... in Suzy's hand on the back it says "S. White Flower", also a mint 1961 Tops magazine with her on the cover and signed. I also have several of her props, many smallish items, in a cigar box with her handwriting in french on the top. Also a couple of letters she wrote to me.

Who would know how to value this collection, and is an honest dealer in your opinion?