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Topic: Gadabout Clink
Message: Posted by: scody (Sep 10, 2009 12:36PM)
I am new to coins, and have chosen gadabout as my first real worker for my restaurant. I am pretty much using this straight from Bobo...

Does anybody else have a problem with the final vanish of all three coins?
The three coins going into the pocket seem to be talking too much, and, I am having a hard time putting them in so that they don't!!!

Anybody have any thoughts?
Message: Posted by: rannie (Sep 10, 2009 02:11PM)
This might interest you or spark some ideas.


Cheers and Mabuhay from Manila!


PS Feel free to PM me should you need anything.
Message: Posted by: BenSalinas (Sep 10, 2009 03:05PM)
If you carry keys in that pocket, there would be a clink every time. Then the clink would be ignored when it really counts.
Message: Posted by: Mb217 (Sep 10, 2009 03:11PM)
Now Ben, that's smart. :D Guess you could also just have other change in your pocket as well. I remember when I used to do this, I would take out a handful of change from my pocket to take out the quarters needed (and for the specs to unwittingly see) and dump the rest back into the pocket where the clinks would happen. Worked very well. The keys are a great way to do it too. ;)

Hey Rannie, love that video my friend. Great stuff! :)
Message: Posted by: BenSalinas (Sep 10, 2009 03:35PM)
Sweet! I hadn't watched the video, yet. Thanks, MB!
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Sep 10, 2009 03:56PM)
Welcome back Boss thought you became a gadabout coin LOL
Message: Posted by: jerdunn (Sep 10, 2009 07:56PM)
Another (standard) approach:

Don't do a complete vanish for the final phase. Instead, put just one coin in the hand and two in the pocket. The surprise is that the coins don't return, but change to something else.

Method: Bobo Switch one coin for any small object, such as a Hershey's Kiss. Because you now ostensibly place two coins in your pocket, clinking is fine (the specs can't tell the difference between the sound of two coins and three).

Bonus: If your finger ring appears in your hand for the finale, you now have a segue into any routine using a ring.

Message: Posted by: MickeyPainless (Sep 10, 2009 09:56PM)
Gotta love those Manilabout coins!

Still my all time favorite version Hermano!

Message: Posted by: Bill Hallahan (Sep 10, 2009 10:21PM)
Put a lot of quarters in your pocket. A guy recommended that to me long ago, and it works. (I suppose it doesn't have to be quarters).

I've never done this, but I've considered sewing a thin cloth bag around the quarters to make recovering the "items" easier.
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Sep 10, 2009 10:24PM)
Mike Gallo has an outstanding routine for this, on DVD. His finish is jaw dropping, and makes perfect sense. It is the best climax I have ever seen for this trick.
Message: Posted by: Lawrence O (Sep 11, 2009 05:28AM)
On 2009-09-10 23:24, Michael Rubinstein wrote:
Mike Gallo has an outstanding routine for this, on DVD. His finish is jaw dropping, and makes perfect sense. It is the best climax I have ever seen for this trick.

There is no need to, but I'd like to confirm Michael Rubinstein's statement according to which Mike Gallo has the nicest climax to Gadabout Coins.

Since Bruce Elliott, many people share the point of view that ending a trick with a vanish creates a frustration and a suspicion with the audience over the following props. Go for

Mike Gallo's approach and adapt it to make it somehow personal to you rather than just lavishly copying it.
Message: Posted by: scody (Sep 11, 2009 11:04AM)
Thanks to EVERYBODY!
This has been very very useful... and confirms to me the power of this community.

Thanks everybody. I am going to have a look at the Mike Gallo dvd.
Message: Posted by: RS1963 (Sep 11, 2009 12:39PM)
Very good ideas on this thread.

I use to worry about the clinking of coins in the pocket as well for routines such as this or hopping half routines that don't use shells etc.. As magicians we tend to over worry at times about things, and sounds that a layman wouldn't even question. Such as the jingle of other coins that maybe in the pockets keys etc...

Sometimes we do need to worry about things being quiet but other times it doesn't matter and we are the only ones that would even notice in the first place if something made noise when it really shouldn't.
Message: Posted by: Curtis Kam (Sep 11, 2009 04:13PM)
If anyone's interested in following up on Mike Gallo's Gadabout Coins ending, there is a "Gadabout Coins" by one Mike Gallo on Volume 8, titled "More" of the New York Coin Seminar series. I assume this is the routine Michael and Lawrence O are talking about. If not, I'm sure someone will chime in with the correct info. I'm off to watch this again.
Message: Posted by: prototype (Sep 11, 2009 07:34PM)
I'v had no problems using really soft Barbers. They sort of stick together because they're so smooth.
Message: Posted by: D Walker (Sep 12, 2009 01:45AM)
On 2009-09-10 15:11, rannie wrote:
This might interest you or spark some ideas.


That's fantastic. Great routine.
Message: Posted by: Mediocre the Great (Sep 12, 2009 09:37AM)
There's a pervious thread on this subject:

Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Sep 14, 2009 09:31AM)
See Fingertip Coins to Pocket on my DVD Coin Man Walking, I explain how to put the coins into your pocket silently.

Essentially, you take the stack of coins and press them against your leg with your fingers, and slide them to the bottom corner of your pocket.
Message: Posted by: mrehula (Sep 16, 2009 08:09AM)
I liked Gadabout Coins from Bobo until that click pass style ending. Then I read Galloway's book, Diverting Coin Magic, which contains a great version he calls British Gadabout Coins. Actually, it's mostly Bobo's version, but his work on the beginning and the ending are wonderful: clean, smooth, and elegant. (And easier for me, which is important.) THIS is the Gadabout Coins version I'm working on.

Of course, that doesn't address the 'talking' issue. I'll have to pull out my
Coin Man Walking again.