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Topic: Higley's Top Secret Book Test
Message: Posted by: Mark Rough (Sep 10, 2009 05:11PM)
Sorry, Doug, I meant to tell everyone that I got this last week but work is interfering with my normal life. . .

Anyway, so. . .

I got Top Secret in the mail the other day. As much as I enjoyed reading the book when Doug first put it out, now I can use it for a little freakery (is that a word?). It's very easy to learn, shouldn't take more than an hour or so for you to be able to divine the information necessary to reveal the NSA secrets hidden within. I own Greg Arce Freestyle Booktest and you can see the influence here. Greg is credited as providing inspiration. Doug's method is based on Greg's but is a very clever, stripped down, easy to learn version. Using it you can learn three pieces of information hidden in plain sight on almost any page (there are exceptions, but Doug provides a way to work with these) your volunteer chooses.

This is an odd book to begin with (and that is a huge compliment) but now it's a little odder. Doug provides a solid story to begin the effect. You can play it for a laugh or you could dial it up a little more seriously. That's up to you. I can see doing a mix of both for this. It's a great piece of mentalism that I'll be using. . . this weekend, actually. I'll be debuting it at my wife's birthday party on Saturday evening. If you're into book tests then I highly recommend it. I'm looking forward to Doug's further literary adventures and the book tests that result.

I should add, all the elements of the book test are built into the book. There's nothing you'll have to do to the book for it to work. Though, I guess you could, if you really wanted to. With Greg's version you had to build the elements in yourself. It made for a very personalized book test, but it took me four books to get the one I wanted. I love Greg's book test, but this is easier.

Message: Posted by: Mark Rough (Sep 10, 2009 05:59PM)
http://spookybook.com or get it at Hocus Pocus
Message: Posted by: winewizard (Sep 11, 2009 10:48AM)
I have the original novel and have recently received the book test version of Doug Higley's Top Secret (Out of The Dust).
I am a fan of book tests, but have not used them because I found the methods a bit confusing, or circuitous in arriving at a word. The most direct and least cumbersome and suspicious was the Hoy test.
Recently, I came upon the Outlaw book tests and was using them when approproate. I built a story for and box and props for each one except for the Key Box from Roth and Tim Wisseman. Terrific!!
For times when I have an audience that may be less interested in the Outlaw effects, I would omit the book test. I am also a proponent of comedy in my act both magic and mentalism. I have followed with interest the thread here on comedy and mentalism.
I have several of Doug's effects and am virtually assured of top quality and functionality when I invest in a Higley product. The book test is truly a winner and fits perfectly into my general show. This book test eliminates all convoluted methodology and the topic of the book which I read as a preface to the test is brilliantly entertaining and amusing. The test enables a direct choice and revelation of an item from one page and reference items from another page which are a logical extension of the novel's contents.
In short,if you would like a book test that is amusing, convincing and useable buy this, I am betting you won't be disappointed and will perform this test.
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Sep 12, 2009 05:53PM)
Thanks! 1st reports coming in are excellent. The secret to the success of the Traps-A-Monte-Mental effect I came up with was to add the WHY to the prop. A reason to be doing it. This is what I wanted to do with the Book Test. 1. Be able to reveal more than just a 'word' but also provide a good reason for doing a book test in the first place. I'm glad to hear it is succeeding and is fun to do as well. I know I like it! haha...and it's under 50 bucks. Plus you get a good story to read on the plane to the next gig! :)
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Sep 19, 2009 07:33PM)
I just devised a NEW routine for the Top Secret book that according to the few I ran it by, turns it into an outstanding Act! Anyone who gets the book test will get the Toll Free number to discuss this killer routine with me. I'm NOT going to write it down...it will be passed on to owners only.

By the way the twitter name is Grindshow should you want to tweet. :)

Jon Stetson is currently working with the book and will have a report soon on his thoughts.
Message: Posted by: Steven Conner (Nov 12, 2014 11:23AM)
I just came across my copy of this after not using for a while. This is Really good and just Wondering if anyone is using and how do you compare with the other booktests.

Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Nov 12, 2014 07:57PM)
Hi guys...I ran out of them and just basically forgot about it...someone just asked on facebook if I had any...well I had ONE (now sold) and my copy...BUT I am researching the publisher to see if I can get more printed up. Re-reading it, I'm excited all over again!!!
Will do a follow-up. Thanks folks.
I no longer use twitter nand spookybook.com is no more
IF I make it available agin it will be at http://MAGIC.tigerspoint.com :-)
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Nov 12, 2014 08:07PM)
Here was the blurb I had at the publisher site:
"TOP SECRET: OUT OF THE DUST: THE KNOCKOUT Book Test by Doug Higley! An ORIGINAL SciFi Interactive Adventure Novella with Stunning Reveals for the Mentalist & Magician ONLY!! Top Secret Instructions for your performance will be eMailed with proof of ownership. Reveal 6 digit parts number/letter combinations, alien weapon systems, planetary locations, secret words and more! (Read THAT again!) Not just a simple WORD, you tell a story and with your volunteer find the clues to a Top Secret Project. Every clue is printed IN and keyed off a SIMPLE EASY to remember 2 digit code system allowing for hundreds of easily determined combinations. A dazzling finish makes it the most original butt kickin' book test ever released! Specially printed in large EASY READ type so that the performer and the audience volunteer can follow the clues! 132 pages of Mental Adventure and it's a real book too! Pyramids, UFO's, Ancient Astronauts and an NSA Govt Black Ops Mission with Top Secrets revealed by a rogue agent. You think that might spice up your act?"

Looks like I'll be able to make it available again. :-)
Message: Posted by: NeilS (Nov 14, 2014 05:49AM)
I bought my first effect from Doug earlier this year - and he was exceptionally helpful and the service remarkable. Living in the UK and finding I had paid too much for postage, he refunded the difference!

I'll be looking out for this book test when it becomes reavailable.
Message: Posted by: george1953 (Nov 14, 2014 06:04AM)
Any idea when it will be available again ?
Message: Posted by: John C (Nov 14, 2014 09:29AM)
I also have this. It is very good and rivals any book test out there.
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Nov 14, 2014 11:54AM)
Thank you John and others.
As to when available etc...I need to make it available again on LuLu. But here's the deal...1. I want to lower the price a bit.
2. I wont be able to order any for awhile personally, so at least for a time there won't be any SIGNED copies...which means that when you order it...you will contact me when it arrives and eMail me with proof you HAVE IT IN HAND. At that point I will eMail a PDF with the INSTRUCTIONS to you since I won't be able to include them as the publisher will be sending the book...get it? Going thru a few health issuers and it's taking up my $ and time and brain cells.

What I WANT to do: Is order the books so I can send them out signed and with instructions but have no idea when I can do that.
I will make any announcements on when available etc in this forum.
What's holding up the works today is grabbing the time to re-learn the system so I can help buyers thru any pebbles in the road. The point of it was Maximum Information Revealed with the least amount of prep by the performer...Simplicity is key. I'll get on it...promise. :-)
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Nov 14, 2014 12:50PM)

OK...It's ON! This is the way to get it. When you receive the book eMail me with Proof you have it IN HAND (a couple of lines from the book and what page you copied them from) and I will eMail you a PDF with Instructions. :-) Thanks guys!
Message: Posted by: Steven Conner (Nov 14, 2014 01:10PM)
That's pretty good service to get this going Doug. You've made a lot of people happy.
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Nov 14, 2014 01:39PM)
Crap...I just noticed that Spookybook.com is PRINTED in as the contact for instructions. Do NOT USE it. I no longer have it. USE the tigerspoint.com address or Grindshow.com put doug@ before the d-coms of course.
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Dec 3, 2014 04:25PM)
UPDATE: OK...y'all had your shot. There is obviously little interest in this project, so I have retired it again. This time for good. Consider it No Longer Available. :-)
There are lots of book tests out there. Get one and have fun. :-) For those that ordered and enjoy using my test, thank you. Much appreciated. :-)