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Topic: Jason England LA Lecture/Workshop Fantastic!!
Message: Posted by: joemagic1 (Sep 18, 2009 03:16PM)
I just wanted to let anyone know that if you were thinking of attending any of the upcoming lectures/workshops that Jason England will be doing you will not be disappointed. Not only was Jason one of the best teachers that I have had the experience of dealing with, he made everyone from the expert to the novice feel very comfortable and had something to offer everyone as well. The lecture was very cool and here he offered several tricks that were fun for the new magician, but also mind binding for the experienced card man. The workshop was what I was looking most forward to. He has done quite a few of these and offered a few techniques and then turned it over to the group so we could learn the things that most interested us. We covered everything from the pass, hand mucking, to basic key card moves and everything in between. His handling of all of the gambling moves simply blew your mind. The lecture started at 7:15 and most of us left close to midnight. I think he would have gone on all night had our brains not been fried with all the things he showed us. What I thought was exceptional is that he was very clear and honest about the things he was most comfortable teaching and had recommendations a plenty of things that were not his specialty. His generosity and graciousness made this an evening I won't soon forget. He had some wonderful notes to sell, as well as his Foundations DVD and numerous stories about Steve Forte as an added bonus. If you have any reservations about attending either of these events I think you would be nuts to miss out on spending time with someone of these skills that has a great teaching style as well! Thanks to Jason and the guys at the Magic Apple as well for a great couple of nights of learning astonishment. Now all I need is a couple of thousand hours of practice time.
Peace, Joe