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Topic: Walking Liberty half dollars - patina?
Message: Posted by: deadcatbounce (Sep 24, 2009 07:12AM)
Is it my imagination, or do these old Walking Liberty Half dollars have a different (blacker) patina than other half dollars, or is it just dirt? I have 4, all from the same source, and they have this "black" finish to them.
Perhaps it's been applied on purpose - but it DOES make the features of the coin stand out - making it great for attracting interest in the coinse.

Anyone care to comment?


Message: Posted by: Sammy J. (Sep 24, 2009 08:51AM)
It may be that the age of WLs is just right. They are new enough to still have quite a bit of relief (as opposed to a Barber), but old enough to have collected a lot of dirt and grime. The silver Kennedys are shinier because they were only minted for one year, and once the silver content was changed, were basically pulled from circulation.

Just an idea!

Message: Posted by: deadcatbounce (Sep 24, 2009 02:24PM)
I have quite a few Kennedy silver half dollars, and none of them have anything like the finish of these Walking Libertys,.. I'd think maybe they've been treated, if it wasn't for the fact that on the big auction shop, there are always a few there that look pretty black....