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Topic: Random Coin Question
Message: Posted by: scody (Sep 24, 2009 10:42AM)
Hey folks,

I am pretty much a no gaff card guy.
I occasionally do bars and restaurants and even do some parlor type of stuff.
My coin stuff pretty much consists of no gaff things like coin to watch, coin to eye, maybe a jumbo coin production here or there, and sometimes I'll break out holy moly, gadabout. Coins are really not my forte, but I do like them.

I recently read the following quote here, it's my new favorite quote, from Jonathan Townsend, and it really affected my opinions of gaff work, especailly with coins:

Given the choice between impressing myself by using just four coins or impressing an audience by using all sorts of gaffs... I'd disappoint myself for their sake. The magic is for them anyway.

I currently own a kennedy expanded shell, but don't perform any routines with it.
I have a budget of about $150 - $200, and am looking for something to spice up my coin work. Having not used gaffed coins (scotch and soda, maybe, a long time ago :), I thought I'd put it out there to see if you guys could point me in the right direction, or at least, in some direction.

Maybe I shouldn't do anything until I look into routines with my shell. Maybe I should invest in some better coins. Maybe I should be thinking of something like hopping halves or something. I don't session much, so my coin teacher is really youtube, bobo, and a couple of other dvds. So, I'd really like to hear some thoughts or insights that you guys have.

Incidentally, I prefer standup work... tabled is nice, but since I'm not always afforded the opportunity, when I can, I like using routines that can be performed in the hands, standing up... that's some advice I gleemed from Pop Haydn.

Thanks so much for any info or insight you have.

Incidentally, I'm not a big fan of using kennedy's...

I'd appreciate any advice!

Message: Posted by: Johnny Butterfield (Sep 24, 2009 11:44AM)
David Roth has a DVD on gaffs (one volume of "Expert Coin Magic - Made Easy", I believe - don't remember which one), filled with all sorts of useful stuff. Or his book Expert Coin Magic is full of good things.

Hard to beat a Coins Across with a shell.
Message: Posted by: Watchmaker (Sep 24, 2009 05:15PM)
First there isn't anything wrong with Kennedy. It's not top of the line for sure but I'll tell you what, my Kennedy sets I've bought over the years are probably the best money I've spent on any kind of magic. I have a couple of gaffs that I got almost thirty years ago and have used them countless times, when I think of what a great value I got it makes me so happy I got them. Of course now that I'm older and have much more disposable income I shop a little further up the food chain but I wouldn't get rid of those Kennedy coins for anything.

As far as routines go with gaffs. If you want to be able to end up with the coins in your hand that you can hand out then I love the Triple Transposition effect of the Copper/Silver/Brass. Mr. Bob Sheets has the best routine for that. If you don't care about having to hand out the coins I love Hopping Halves. I know both these are old hat and a million guys do them but everyone I've ever done them for love it, at least that's what they tell me. Hopping Halves usually ends with people begging me to tell them how it's done.

Finally in Mr. Hooser book DesTROYer he as some pretty good basic tricks using a flipper. It's a good place to start to get familiar with that gaff. Once you start using a flipper you can't live without it.

My brother said the same thing about the pre-moistened toilet paper, once you use it you'll never go back. He's right and so am I when it comes to a flipper.

Start with a Hopping Half set, you'll thank me later.

Good Luck

Message: Posted by: scody (Sep 24, 2009 06:56PM)
Thanks everybody...
When I buy gaffs... where should I be buying them from?
Should I be buying them top of the line, or are the cheaper version as good?

Should I be spending a LOT of money for a flipper or a shell or a hopping halves set....
Message: Posted by: ShawnB (Sep 24, 2009 08:01PM)
If you wanna go high end that's great... but if I were you. I would go with johnson clad in kennedys.

You could get a two copper one silver... a new shell... a flipper.... a copper silver coin and a hopping halves a scotch and soda and still be close to your budget... in fact that would be $199 before shipping at the magic warehouse, all in stock....

Can't beat that for your money... after you play with them for a while then upgrade to Lassen...

Message: Posted by: Sammy J. (Sep 24, 2009 10:37PM)
Copper, Silver, Brass would be my recommendation. Great visual magic, pretty easy performance. I would consider a Johnson set, though it is the least favorite of the sets I own. My worker for years was a Sterling set (30 years old). I loved that set, but am not sure it is still available.
I now use a Lassen Morgan Dollar set.
Look around. The Johnson set is workable, and affordable.

Bottom line, CSB is one of the greatest gaff coin routines you could ever do.

Message: Posted by: John T Cox (Sep 24, 2009 11:21PM)
I've got a large pile of gaff coins. I love to play with them and invent things. The luxury of doing sonar acoustics for a living instead of magic, I suppose. I enjoy doing gaffless magic too. However, I find that the clad coins are very slippery in my hands. The silver coins seem to be more sticky. So my recommendation is to go with a nice silver half set with shell and a copper silver coin. With 4 halves, an english penny and those two gaffs you can do an amazing number of magical effects. Add in some interesting props such as a coin box, glass, cylinder, portable hole (Roth routine) etc and you can do a lot of interesting magical effects.

Good luck
Message: Posted by: TC Ryder (Sep 25, 2009 07:11AM)
Good advise here. A nice Shell, CSB and Hopping halves will go a long way. If you want to get a flipper I suggest going with a Gravity Flipper by Schoolcraft or Lassen if you go that route but it will cost more. As far as who to buy from you can't go wrong with Johnson all their stuff is great and reasonably priced. Their CSB set is the best. If you can afford to splurge go Schoolcraft or Lassen. Also I have been very impressed with Tango lately. They have taken a step up.

Hope that helps.

Message: Posted by: Mr. Tango (Sep 25, 2009 08:03AM)
I recommend T.U.C.
Message: Posted by: harris (Sep 25, 2009 09:13AM)
The magic warehouse has been a great source in relationship to some of the top of the line stuff I use from Lassen.

It is the magician that makes his props. (read recently about a professional pool player using an old cue to do phenomenal work)

A stick can play as well as a $500 wand in the right venue and right hands...
(See Johathan Winters)

Message: Posted by: Chris Meece (Dec 12, 2009 01:13AM)
Just came across this thread. So how did you fare? I am waiting on some schoolcraft gaffs myself and am reading a lot of older coin threads.

I normally carry 4 silver halves with a Johnson shell (For Roth's coins across, a Hooser routine, coins through table and a coin matrix); copper, silver, brass (Do a combination of Doc Eason's and Bob Sheet's routine); copper silver coin (Mark Jenest's Short Hop and a spellbound routine).

I no longer carry: my scotch and soda (the reset took time and there are other in the audience's hands effects that had the same impact), cigarette through coin, folding quarter (biting a quarter has gotten old and I do a bottlecap through bottle now), and several other items.
Message: Posted by: harvini2 (Dec 13, 2009 06:24AM)
Expanded shell, and Copper,Silver,Brass, gives you all kinds of possibilities
Message: Posted by: jazzy snazzy (Dec 13, 2009 11:12AM)
Love my new T.U.C.
Message: Posted by: Rory111 (Dec 15, 2009 09:29AM)
I love my T.U.C., too! :)