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Topic: Salt Pour combined with coin magic
Message: Posted by: evikshin (Sep 30, 2009 07:28AM)
How many of you have combined coin vanishes with a salt vanish?

Imagine this, you borrow (borrowing is important) three pennies, put them into your left fist, and say to the spec "any magician worth his salt should be able to vanish these three coins." With that, you wink at the spec, and dump a bunch of salt into your left hand, Magical gesture, and show that it all vanishes.

Then reproduce in the spectator's hand.

Why use coins? Well, the moment people see coins, they automatically think you are going going to use the usual sleight of hand for coins. This would be a psychological "Red Herring," because eventually, when you bring the salt into play,
They then realize that what you are doing is impossible.

Message: Posted by: verno $ (Sep 30, 2009 09:53AM)
Wow...i like it
Message: Posted by: Daveandrews (Sep 30, 2009 01:56PM)
.... and the Romans used to pay their soldiers in salt!

Message: Posted by: mcharisse (Oct 8, 2009 08:54AM)
That's where we get the word salary, from the Latin word for salt.

Message: Posted by: Dr. Hoodwink (Oct 8, 2009 07:31PM)
Check out Mark Kurlansky's book SALT. It's a book about, uh...salt. Very good. I like his books. They tell me a lot of interesting stuff about subjects I wouldn't think make good reading.