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Topic: Back from Hawaii
Message: Posted by: leondo (Mar 30, 2002 01:29PM)
Well, I'm back from my first visit to Hawaii. The gig was great, Liz, as always, was stunning.

I went to see all the magic as recommended to me from this forum. Thanks again for all the wonderful input.

Look for complete reviews of the shows I saw in The Good, Bad and Garbage" section in the near future.

Ted (Leondo)
Message: Posted by: Stephen Long (Mar 31, 2002 08:56PM)
I, too, am back from my first visit to Hawaii.
Jolly nice place indeed.
Didn't get many magic trips in I'm afraid.
But I did manage to get through most of Jim Swain's "21st century card magic".
Nice book.

So that's where I've been (just in case anyone cared)

Did ya miss me?


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Message: Posted by: Burt Yaroch (Mar 31, 2002 09:04PM)
Dude! Sabel's in the kitchen! And we don't call him that anymore, it's Jeb. And yes he missed you.
Message: Posted by: Stephen Long (Mar 31, 2002 11:14PM)
Mr. Yak,
I am fully aware that Sable/Jeb has managed to sneak his way into the kitchen.
A foolish move by the management.
He will join forces with Dr. Smiley and bring down the Cafe from the inside.
If they would only let me in to counter the whiles of the evil Dr. Smiley, I know I could restore harmony and balance to the Cafe.
Don't forget, I have the power of the dancing banana.


:banana: :banana: :banana:
:banana: :banana: :banana:
:banana: :banana: :banana:

This needs some thought.

:carrot: :banana:
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Apr 1, 2002 04:26AM)
:baby: :pirate:
Hee hee hee Dr.Smiley