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Topic: The most powerful memory ....
Message: Posted by: Brad Burt (Oct 11, 2009 03:45PM)

Purposefully, this will be my shortest essay of all time...not really an essay...well, you'll see.

Here's what I want you to do at least once every day for the next month: I want you to remember the very, very, VERY first one or two times when you first saw a magic trick that made you think, "WOW, that's magic!"

I want you to try and remember how it felt. How you reacted. What you thought. How amazed you were.

Get away from the inevitable "magic is a puzzle" for me to figure out, that comes with understanding how so much magic works. Drop that and get in touch with just what the EFFECT of the routine conveys by way of it's AFFECT upon your mind and emotions.

NOW....try to give THAT to everyone for whom you perform magic. That first, most basic experience of 'magic' is, when you strip it all down, what magic is really all about. Everything else is just interpretation on how best one conveys that basic message.