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Topic: Review of Myrtle Beach's Comedy Show Featuring Michael Bairefoot
Message: Posted by: CMMAGIC (Oct 19, 2009 06:43PM)
Great 2 Hour Show with a 20 Minute Stand-up Act by fellow Myrtle Beach Magician Michael Bairefoot. Great Original Act with Original Routines:

Wallet Investigation - VERY Funny
Rocky The Raccoon
Card on Head - Nice Misdirection and comedy bits
Smooth Card Manipulation
Great Presentation w/ a TT
A LOT of original one liners and comedy bits

Def worth seeing. The Show is 9:00 EVERY Wednesday @ Nashville Dreams in Myrtle Beach , S.C. The show had 7 other stand-up comedians in the show. Bairefoot was the ONLY Magician. I would highly recommend the show to anyone wanting good quality entertainment at a good price : Only $10 a ticket. Call 843-467-9399 for more info or tickets.

* 4.5 of 5 Stars
- Carl Michael
Ilusionist , Myrtle Beach , S.C.
Message: Posted by: Bairefoot (Oct 27, 2009 09:49PM)
Thanks Carl. It was nice to see you there. If any magicians would like to come to the show just let me know. I will get you FREE! Thanks again for supporting your local magician. I would love to do part of my show at the up coming covention Myrtle Beach.