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Topic: Bill in cigarette
Message: Posted by: Giles (Mar 31, 2002 10:28AM)
I have been eager to perform this effect for some time. Specifically, the effect is that a borrowed note (corner torn off) vanishes, and reappears in a 'borrowed' cigarette.
I would grately appreciate some ideas concerning the vanish of the note.
My pre-requisites are thus: I would like the note to be rolled up first. That is, folded into quarters and then rolled into a tube.
Also, I would like not so much a vanish, as a transposition of the note and some tobacco (in loose form).

Hope this is clear,
Looking forward to your help


Message: Posted by: Megatherion (Mar 31, 2002 03:22PM)

Jean Hugard wrote a god book on magic with bills you ought to read it.

Some suggestions:

Envelope switch
Double envelope
Double paper cone
Cigarette pull.

Yours faithfully

:devilish: Dan Kirsch :devilish:
Message: Posted by: Munskin (Apr 6, 2002 01:17PM)
Tom Mullica's 'Cigarette Magic Made Easy' video set also has a few ideas for this kind of routine.