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Topic: Magicopolis!!!!! (Santa Monica, CA)
Message: Posted by: scottasf (Nov 1, 2009 01:45AM)
Where to begin?

Traveling with the family to Los Angeles? Want to get into the Castle but you have under 21 years of age kids with you? You want them to see a real magic show?

Pay a visit to Magicopolis!!

Steve Spill has a great room that seats 150 very comfortably with no bad seat in the house. A very nice stage and a heck of a fun show geared for all ages.

I went ther on Halloween night with another magic buddy and we were treated to grand illusion, parlour magic, coin magic (very visual) great bar magic and juggling before the show.

The show was performed personally by Steve and his female assistant (who is Hungarian)

Steve engages the entire audience from the very start of the show. His audience management skills are superb. His partner for the evening (I forgot her name) provided great comedy interaction with Steve while performing major illusion and she had some very sweet moments while performing at the foot of the stage with a young (9 yo) girl with story telling magic.

He does have a bar outside of the show room which has the typical beer selections and a nice wine list. There are sodas, hot dogs, pop corn, and candy for sale.

He has a small magic for sale counter next to the snack bar with products from Royal Magic and a selection of DVD's.

All in all, I had a great evening at Magicopolis.

If you are an SAM member, be sure to read this months issue of MUM and get more information about Steve Spill.

I am glad I went!