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Topic: Auction Software Recomendation for an IBM Club?
Message: Posted by: craig_sonis (Nov 1, 2009 10:03PM)
I'm looking to see what/if other IBM groups use for Auction Software to RUN their auctions?

I'm NOT talking about ebay (or any online) auctions. But auctions with live people in attendance.

Our Ring each year holds a statewide auction each year. For ever we have been using two individuals who sit at a table in the front - one records sales of sellers, while one record purchases of buyers (as the bids come in).

But I was wondering if any Rings out there use anything a little more modern that they could recommend?

Thoughts? Recommendations?


PS - I a looked all over The Café to see if there was another post about this same topic. Nothing that I could find.

I also didn't see an area best to start this discussion (the only other software discussion thread was about iPhone Applications and this doesn't qualify).
Message: Posted by: Skip Way (Nov 2, 2009 06:23AM)
We used Open Auction last year. It's a free download from several locations. I got it from http://www.brothersoft.com/open-auction-230587.html .

It was relatively easy to use once we played with it for a while. It tracks sellers, buyers, lots and bids. Also prints reports and receipts by buyer and seller.

We did have to adapt it a bit to our auction format. If there's something easier, I'd be happy to hear about it.
Message: Posted by: evanthx (Jan 19, 2010 06:14AM)
We run a yearly auction at Ring 9 in Atlanta, GA. We came up with an Access Database. You give everyone a number, and as the auction goes on you just enter that person X sold this for however much to person Y.

At the end, it totals everything up so that if person X bought some and sold some it just tells you that he should either get money or be given money and how much. So we just collect money from some folks, write checks to other folks, and it all works out.

Our club takes 10% of auction sales, and it also tracks that and figures it in when it tells us how much to write in checks.

I ran our auction for years and have kept notes for myself on how to run the auction. You have already been running an auction so you probably don't need those, but ... if anyone wants that database program for their IBM ring, or the notes on how to run an auction, just ask. I would be happy to share it.
Message: Posted by: scottsheltonmagic (Mar 22, 2010 09:29PM)
Ring 199 in Raleigh, NC, will be hosting our annual magic auction on Saturday, April 10, 2010. More details here:

Message: Posted by: craig_sonis (Mar 23, 2010 11:38AM)
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