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Topic: Silly Billy
Message: Posted by: magicman1 (Nov 11, 2009 11:54AM)
Trying to reach David Kaye (Silly Billy) and having no luck

Want to order the blow up wands but left E-mails and also phone msg.
Anyone know? maybe on tour?
Message: Posted by: TRUMPETMAN (Nov 11, 2009 12:37PM)
David is traveling a lot these days, doing clinics. I had a bit of trouble contacting him last month, but eventually got through while he was home one day between lecturing in Portugal and lecturing in Mexico. That guy really gets around ! If you only need small amounts of the wands, there are several of the larger magic sellers that have the packages of 12 for sale (Hank Lee, Daytona Magic are two I know of).

Message: Posted by: kenscott (Nov 11, 2009 02:03PM)
Just left David we were in LA the past week. He was the history conf. His computer was shot and he was not getting online. We both flew back to east coast today.
Message: Posted by: magicman1 (Nov 11, 2009 03:30PM)
Thanks Ken and Mark

Yes, I wanted to order 100 of them

Message: Posted by: JimbosMagic (Nov 12, 2009 07:14PM)
Hey Ken, hope you had a great time. Looking forward to coming over very soon.
Message: Posted by: kenscott (Nov 12, 2009 07:15PM)
Going to be fun. We did alittle pre KGB work while in Hollywood.