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Topic: Possessed by a Demon
Message: Posted by: PaulPacific (Nov 25, 2009 11:08PM)
I have recently revisited some literature in my library regarding the window sleep. This is an amusing publicity stunt in which a hypnotist puts a subject to sleep in the front display window of, say, a major department store. The subject remains asleep in full display, often for several days, in full view of any and all passerbys. All this spectacle is designed, of course, to bring people into the hypnotist's show. It is AT the show where the hypnotist wakes the sleeping subject from their trance and continues with his show.. I could totally picture me performing the window sleep not only from the hypnotist's perspective but rather from the SUBJECT'S perspective! This has reminded me of an amusing anecdote from my past....

When I was 13 years old, *sigh* I earned the lead role in a play in which I played a boy who was possessed by a demon! Now, I'm not talking about a school play with a bunch of other kids in a gymnasium somewhere. HELL NO! This was a REAL honest-to-goodness theatrical production with adult actors, nice sets, a director and producer and so forth. I had won out on the part of the "lead" over 65 other boys my age and general appearance at the time. I remember they were looking for a blond haired, blue-eyed boy with a cute smile who could act. Apparently they overlooked my green eyes and after my audition, I was informed that I would have the lead role in this serious play about parents coping with their son possesed by a demon!

To this day I don't recall the name of the play (I vaguely recall the word "storm" in the title) or much about it. I DO recall that I got to spit, swear, scream, hit my parents and toss furniture around during some of the scenes!! I really enjoyed the part and I think I did a very good job considering my youth.

The reason the window sleep has reminded me about this play is because the play opened in my bedroom. The set designers had made the set to look like a young teen boy's bedroom in which they placed a bed downstage-centre. The producers of this play thought that instead of the audience filing into the theatre and simply seeing a curtained stage before the play began, that the curtain would already be open as the audience were initially taking their seats. I was instructed to lay on the bed, facing the audience and pretend to be asleep as the audience began to trickle in for the show. The doors opened at 7:30 and the show was to start at 8:00pm (or a few minutes thereafter..)

Therefore, as people began to come into the theatre, the first thing they saw was this young boy wearing only pajama bottoms, laying asleep on top of his bed. I never moved a muscle and simply laid as still as I could during the 30 plus minutes before the play began and I could "wake up" and deliver my first line. I remember hearing people say to each other, "is that a REAL boy?" "Is he a manaquin or something?" "Check out the kid asleep on the bed" Thinking back on it, I admire my professionalism at that early age. I'm not sure how I managed to keep from smirking or laughing but I took the part seriously and enjoyed it VERY much! (Lol especially the spitting and swearing)

There was something oddly satisfying about me laying in bed in front of all those people pretending/acting like I was asleep. I knew they were watching me lke a hawk and were probably fascinated by this serious young actor and his commitment to the part..

Those were the days....

Fond, happy memories of my boyhood!

Paul Pacific
Message: Posted by: Rupert Bair (Nov 26, 2009 07:18AM)
I believe the play you where in was called the Choo-Choo Train.
Message: Posted by: PaulPacific (Nov 26, 2009 02:14PM)
Hmmm I don't think it was. I would've remembered that.
Message: Posted by: Maloney (Nov 26, 2009 02:26PM)
That sounds like it was a blast.

I absolutely love acting. I find my self working behind the scenes though.
Message: Posted by: PaulPacific (Nov 26, 2009 02:50PM)
Yes, Maloney it WAS a lot of fun! I admire the people who work behind the scenes though because their job is to make the actors look good. I remember a great deal of weird lighting in this play to make me look sweet and innocent at times, while at other times I looked sick and sinister.