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Topic: Whats your stage manipulation act like?
Message: Posted by: Carron (Jun 16, 2003 12:54PM)
just enquiring to see if anyone does manipulation acts anymore, and they all havent started to do street magic!
Message: Posted by: Marcus Taylor (Jun 16, 2003 03:37PM)
I am starting to compile a new stage manipulation act. In my opinion the old ideas are the best (not that i don't value new ones!) I am compiling a new act with all the classic routines - silks, cigaretes, cards(thurstons 5 card routine), coins(misers dream), billiard balls etc. Even though I haven't got an answer to your question, i hope to have one next year - or at least the start of an answer. :P
Message: Posted by: boltt223 (Jun 17, 2003 01:06AM)
Manipulation is the main staple of my act. I start with billiard balls and go into a misers dream routine. :smiles:
Message: Posted by: markis (Jun 17, 2003 11:50AM)
I do mostly a manipulation act. Cards, coins,
balls (ending with a creekmore dancing pool cue) rope, etc.

One of the most disheartening aspect of the manipulation act is you spend lots and lots of time practcing, constructing a routine and when you put it together and time the act it it only come out to about 10 minutes.
Message: Posted by: Vibono Magic (Jun 17, 2003 04:03PM)
I'm curently putting to gether a new comedy / manip. act. The main ingrediens and running gag is the billiard balls that always return to the figger and other placec to tont the magician thet is tyring to get rid of them and go on with the act.
Besides the billiard balls there are manipulation with cigarrs, card, coins, silks and fire. This will be like a fusion of Cardini / Khol and co. and Tommy Cooper.

I also have a minipulatin act with candles balls and silks theamed to the Phantom of the opera.

Jonas Karlsson
Vibono Magic