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Topic: The spine is a fragile thing
Message: Posted by: Nosher (Nov 30, 2009 07:14AM)
Not [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltdOlyc5Sy8]this[/url] one though.

The routine he does beginning at 2:50 is mind boggling - or mind disturbing at least.
Message: Posted by: Josh the Superfluous (Nov 30, 2009 08:17AM)
WOW! He'd be a great assistant, for a zig-zag type of effect.
Message: Posted by: abc (Nov 30, 2009 08:24AM)
That was not what I expected. WOW. Don't know what else to say.
Message: Posted by: HerbLarry (Nov 30, 2009 10:54PM)
I had a Gumby that could do all of that.
Best bendy guy I've seen thus far. The guy in the vid not Gumby.
Message: Posted by: Nosher (Dec 1, 2009 04:19AM)

Well spotted. You could construct something really simple and the audience would be left saying "Well obviously he can't bend his body in half backwards, so how come there's only half a box and his toes are still wiggling?"