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Topic: What's The Chance....
Message: Posted by: Dan Bernier (Nov 30, 2009 11:38PM)
I know I'm not the only christian magician or Gospel magician that watches ReelMagic, and I was wondering what would the chances be of having a famous christian magician/mentalist, Gospel magic performer appear on a future episode? Not just a christian who performs mainstream magic.

Just throwing out a few names as examples.
Andre Kole
Duane Laflin
OZ & Wilde
Message: Posted by: gaddy (Dec 1, 2009 03:21PM)
Not a bad idea...
I'd love to hear what this sort of performer has to say, outside of the context of a performance.
Message: Posted by: Dan Bernier (Dec 2, 2009 07:08PM)
Thanks Gaddy. Although I only threw out a few names, there are others as well. I think it would be interresting to hear what they would have to say in regards to the philosophy of Gospel magic, performing for christians who may still be uneasy about the use of magic, and the types of obstacles and challenges they have to face.
Message: Posted by: Robert The Magical Radway (Dec 24, 2009 09:20PM)
I agree with Gaddy... It would be very interesting to hear what a gospel Performer has to say about magic.