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Topic: Coins
Message: Posted by: PAUL K (Dec 17, 2009 08:31PM)
QUESTION. What are some of the best coin tricks out there.I have Hopping Halves,
shells,johnny wong super triple coins.Any recommendations on some good ones.
Message: Posted by: lorenwade (Dec 17, 2009 08:40PM)
Yeah man. Copper Silver tricks are some of the simplest and best out there. Very convincing tricks you can do with them. It's the only gaff I ever use. I've heard Tango's Ultimate Coin is pretty nice also.
Message: Posted by: jonnyboy (Dec 17, 2009 08:46PM)
Using gaffed coins, if you are new, Copper Silver Brass is terrific. Check out Doc Eason doing it. Many others have done it as well. Simple to do, but very powerful. For beauty, I think Coin One is one of my favorites.
Message: Posted by: PAUL K (Dec 18, 2009 05:22AM)
Coin One looks Great is it similar to the Coin Man Walking DVD.Doc Eason doing it
where can I find this on youtube.Thanks for the information everyone.
Message: Posted by: funsway (Dec 18, 2009 05:33AM)
NAturally, you should have some practiced gaffless effects in you quiver as well, but a CS would be a great addition to what you have, and a T.U.C. if you can afford it. I have written two new eBooks focused on its use and thrid undr construction. Its versatility and unique features allow effects not possible with other methods like 3Fly type effect in which the hands never touch.
Message: Posted by: PAUL K (Dec 18, 2009 07:33AM)
I have found for me the best way to do coins across is with Johnny Wong
Super Triple Coins,Its very easy compared to a shell.Paul Harris does
PDQ Coins Across which is very good, hands never touch and its Gaffless.
Message: Posted by: funsway (Dec 18, 2009 02:57PM)
I believe the PDQ requires a table or the spectator's hands. By "hands never touch" I mean "in the hands, palms up and shown empty between each transportation, and your wrists could be tied to the ends of a 14" wand."
Message: Posted by: PAUL K (Dec 18, 2009 10:02PM)
PDQ you do need a table.Are you using and extra coin with with each transportation.Could you send me a video of this.
Message: Posted by: funsway (Dec 19, 2009 07:32AM)
No extra coins. I do three versions. One uses a T.U.C., one an Expanded shell, and one with only three normal coins, plus other effects using combinations of the above. The no-gaff version can also be done with balls, stones, nuts, whatever. If by 'video' you mean a detailed showing of every move -- no, and there never will be. A "step Video" of the T.U.C. version is available showing the sequence of moves and slights. Some videos of specific phases will be available soon -- but then the price will go up.

Learning such "hands-off, open hand" methods is not learned from watching videos, but from a commitment to learn and practice a dozen unique Moves and Sleights independently that then combine for effects like 3Fly, Coins Across, Invisible Transportations, etc.

any more detailed discussion is not appropriate for this forum. I might post more in Secret Sessions.
Message: Posted by: PAUL K (Dec 19, 2009 08:04AM)
Thank you for the advice on Coins Across. You are right. You have to
commit to practicing.Have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year.