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Topic: Moving topics
Message: Posted by: kcg5 (Dec 20, 2009 12:33PM)
I do realize that the policy is to move any playing card topic to gaffed and funky, but no one goes to that section. For the sake of threads, and sharing info-I think the policy should be changed. I someone is talking about the latest black panda deck from ellusionist for XCM, by all means-or if it is about a deck of strippers. But about an actual brand of cards? It should stay. Thread of these generate interest, as people need to know some of the info. On the same topic, (and I'm sure you have heard this before) there are far to many thread started in workers that should be in the "for sale" section.

Thank you,

Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Dec 20, 2009 03:34PM)
Kevin, the only topics moved to gaffed and funky are those that are discussing gaffed or specially made cards. Discussing a brand would not be moved there as long and the discussion isn't about gaffed cards under that brand. If you have an example of the topic you are referring to, you can use the bad post repost function and we'll take a look at it.

We do sometimesmake a mistake and if the topic shouldn't have been moved, we have no problem bringing it back.
Message: Posted by: silverking (Dec 20, 2009 03:51PM)
Dave, I had a post removed for asking the same question as Kevin is asking, I also received a PM from another moderator telling me I was out of line asking the question, and even more out of line for commenting on the threads move.

The topic we're all talking about (there's actually two threads now that have been moved) is the end of production and subsequent demise of Tally-Ho cards, and has got more than a few people confused and not understanding why the two threads were moved from "Workers" (where folks who use Tally-Ho's tend to congregate), into the Gaffed and Funky forum.

It was explained to me (by another moderator) that [i]all[/i] discussions related to brands of cards (gaffed OR ungaffed) will all be moved to, and in fact, belong IN the Gaffed and Funky forum.

The Tally-Ho's are obviously completely un-gaffed, and the discussion had nothing to do with gaffing them......only about their pending demise.

There are a few regulars to the Workers forum that feel the two threads should have remained in Workers (as a much more active forum) in order to continue to keep the information flowing as to whether or not Tally-Ho's have in fact been discontinued, and to continue to re-print emails from various representatives from the USPCC answering questions that were being asked in the original threads.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Dec 20, 2009 07:01PM)
Silverking and Kevin, I reviewed the topics you are referring to. From what I can see, this was a judgement call. The description for the workers forum says it is for the discussion of specific tricks and effects. The gaffed and funky forum say it is for the discussion of special cards or printing such as clear, black tigers or special oddities.

The discussion concerning the demise of tally-ho's really isn't about a specific trick but it is also not specifically about special printing although it could be interpreted to be in line with printing whether clear, tigers or specialties.

I will review them again before making a decision on where they should be.

As to you comment about moderator comments, I sent you a PM
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Dec 21, 2009 05:40AM)
Just an update, most of the topics in question have been returned to the workers forum.