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Topic: Name the Rabbit
Message: Posted by: VMC_Alex (Jun 20, 2003 06:18PM)
This rabbit need's a name, his personality is curious more than anything, yet always looking for attention. He is pure white and look's just like a real "Magic Rabbit"

We have already thought of the following names:


I thought this would be a fun thing to do, being the response the last thread like this received. :)
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Jun 21, 2003 07:38AM)
Have your Pick:
[*] Abigail
[*] Amelia
[*] Aphra
[*] Appollo
[*] Arnold
[*] Arthur
[*] Ash
[*] Ashley
[*] Audi
[*] Baby
[*] Bach
[*] Bailey
[*] Bailey
[*] Barney
[*] Bart
[*] Basil
[*] Beamer
[*] Beanie
[*] Bear
[*] Bella
[*] Billy
[*] Black Jack
[*] Blackberry
[*] Blizzard
[*] Bluebell
[*] Bob
[*] Brittany
[*] Browns the Baffling Bunny (B-cubed)
[*] Bubba
[*] Buckthorn
[*] Buckwheat
[*] Bugsy
[*] Bugsy
[*] Bungie
[*] Bunnicula
[*] Burt
[*] Butterscotch
[*] Buttons
[*] Buzz
[*] Cadbury
[*] Cale
[*] Cara
[*] Caramel
[*] Carley
[*] Caroline
[*] Cassidy
[*] Cassie
[*] Chancey
[*] Charles
[*] Chase
[*] Chauncey
[*] Checkers
[*] Chervil
[*] Chloe
[*] Chuck
[*] Cinnabun
[*] Cinnamon
[*] Cleo
[*] Cleopatra
[*] Clover
[*] Cocoa
[*] Corey
[*] Cory
[*] Cottontail
[*] Cowboy
[*] Crazy
[*] Crystal
[*] Cubby
[*] Cuddles
[*] Daffodil
[*] Daisy
[*] Dakota
[*] Dandelion
[*] Daniel
[*] Daphne
[*] Delilah
[*] Dharma
[*] Dilbert
[*] Dill
[*] Dixie
[*] Dora
[*] Dove
[*] Dr. Spock
[*] Duke
[*] Duncan
[*] Duster
[*] Dusty
[*] Dutchboy
[*] Ebony
[*] Egbert
[*] Eleanor
[*] Elias
[*] Ella
[*] Ellie
[*] Emily
[*] Ester (Ester Bunny)
[*] Fiver
[*] Flopsy
[*] Fluffball
[*] Fluffy
[*] Foggy
[*] Foxi
[*] Fudge
[*] Fuzz Bucket
[*] Gabbie
[*] Gabriel
[*] George
[*] Gerald
[*] Ginger
[*] Giselle
[*] Gizmo
[*] Godzilla
[*] Grace
[*] Gracie
[*] Gray
[*] Gremlin
[*] Gypsy
[*] Happy
[*] Harold
[*] Harry
[*] Harvey
[*] Hazel
[*] Heath
[*] Heloise
[*] Herbert
[*] Herman
[*] Hermione
[*] Hershey
[*] Holly
[*] Homer
[*] Hope
[*] Hopscotch
[*] Humbug
[*] Isaac
[*] Isabelle
[*] Isaiah
[*] Ishmael
[*] Izzy
[*] Jamie
[*] Jasmine
[*] Jax
[*] Jazz
[*] Jessica
[*] Jessie
[*] Jet
[*] Jetsam
[*] Jewel
[*] Julien
[*] Justine
[*] Kemba
[*] Lacy
[*] Lady
[*] Larry
[*] Laura
[*] Lenny
[*] Lil Girl
[*] Lil Missy
[*] Lily
[*] Liza
[*] Logan
[*] Loopy
[*] Lotte
[*] Lotus
[*] Lucas
[*] Lucky
[*] Luke
[*] Luna
[*] Lyla
[*] Madeline
[*] Madison
[*] Maggie
[*] Mandy
[*] Marley
[*] Mary
[*] Maya
[*] Micah
[*] Midnight
[*] Millie
[*] Milo
[*] Mischief
[*] Miss Bunny
[*] Missy
[*] Misty
[*] Molly
[*] Mortimer
[*] Mr. Whiskers
[*] Mrs. Whiskers
[*] Muffin
[*] Muggs
[*] Mystic
[*] Nate
[*] Nefertini
[*] Nefertiti
[*] Nelthilta
[*] Neptune
[*] Nina
[*] Nora
[*] Norman Bates
[*] Nugget
[*] Octavia
[*] Olga
[*] Oreo
[*] Orville
[*] Otis
[*] Parvati
[*] Patrick
[*] Peanut
[*] Penelope
[*] Pepper
[*] Pete
[*] Pewter
[*] Phoebe
[*] Pickles
[*] Pickles
[*] Pipkin
[*] Plato
[*] Plum
[*] Princess
[*] Rainbow
[*] Raisen
[*] Rascal
[*] Rascal
[*] Reggie
[*] Reginald
[*] Rex
[*] Robert
[*] Roberto
[*] Ron
[*] Rose
[*] Rosie
[*] Rowan
[*] Rowena
[*] Rupert
[*] Salem
[*] Samantha
[*] Samson
[*] Sarah
[*] Sassy
[*] Scooch
[*] Scottie
[*] Shadow
[*] Shazam
[*] Shiloh
[*] Silver
[*] Sisqo
[*] Smudge
[*] Snickers
[*] Sniffles
[*] Snowbell
[*] Snowball
[*] Solomon
[*] Sophie
[*] Spaz
[*] Squeakers
[*] Star
[*] Stella
[*] Strawberry
[*] Sunshine
[*] Tabitha
[*] Taffy
[*] Tanner
[*] Tansy
[*] Tara
[*] Taupo Gigio
[*] Teddy
[*] Thumper
[*] Tia
[*] Tilly
[*] Toad
[*] Toby
[*] Travis
[*] Trixie
[*] Trouble
[*] Tucker
[*] Tylee
[*] Veronica
[*] Victoria
[*] Wilbur
[*] Wiley
[*] Wrigley
[*] Xena
[*] Zeus
[*] Zorro
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Jun 21, 2003 09:47AM)

Now that is a comprehensive list! However you left off the name of my rabbits!
Browns the Baffling Bunny or B-cubed for short
Godzilla! (The exclamation point is part of the name!). This is actually Godzilla the third. She is a giant rabbit, a Flemish Giant to be exact!
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Jun 21, 2003 11:13AM)
Added them!
Message: Posted by: lemagician (Jun 25, 2003 01:49PM)

Message: Posted by: DaveWomach (Jun 25, 2003 05:08PM)
Great answer :rotf:
Message: Posted by: Ty Argo (Jun 27, 2003 11:04PM)
:idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:
I'm thinking "Steve". Classy, eh? How about "Grant" in honor of U.F. Grant? I like B-cubed too!
Message: Posted by: DaveWomach (Jun 29, 2003 03:20AM)
I think Mystic is a cool name for a magic rabbit. I always had cheesy names for my animals though. :rotf: So maybe I'm not the one to be asking? Good luck. :)

Message: Posted by: Steven Best (Jun 29, 2003 03:40AM)
I know a magician who named his rabbit David Hopperfield. :lol:

Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Jun 29, 2003 03:45AM)
Hi Alex!

I named my last rabbit "Stu". Okay not very original but always caused people to chuckle. :bunny2:
Message: Posted by: Ty Argo (Jun 29, 2003 08:26AM)
Introducing......."Bugs" the Bunny!
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jun 29, 2003 11:42AM)
My rabbits are named "Billy 2" and "Baxter".
Billy 1 passed away but Billy 2 looks like his twin.
Message: Posted by: Vibono Magic (Jun 30, 2003 08:28AM)
Get a second rabbit and call them Razzle and Dazzle! or Hocus and Pocus.

Jonas KArlsson
Vibono Magic
Message: Posted by: J.Warrens (Jul 7, 2003 05:57AM)
Greetings, one and all.
I don't normally subscribe to these (stage) magic threads (I like pentacles and murder and fairies and madness-in other words, bizarre magic and mentalism) although I do recall being a junior once upon a time in magic and it was during those days that I did do some Bunny magic. When I thought about what to name my rabbit, I recall how big of a feature this effect was in Harry Blackstone Sr.'s show, that there was really only one name I could think of (and used):
Peace to all.
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Jul 12, 2003 12:30AM)
My animals are all white. Their names are:

Rabbit - Snowball

Dove - Silky

Guinea Pig - Snowflake

Ferret - Milky

Chinchila - Ice Cube

Cat - Diamond

If you don't think any of the names will work, you might want to try: Magic, Hippity Hop or Fluffy.

When you pick a name, let us know by re-posting.

Message: Posted by: Lyndsy M. (Jul 12, 2003 06:55PM)
Hi Alex,

How about Jinx?!?!?!?
Peter and I have a chameleon named Katannah!
I think Jinx is a great name....

Message: Posted by: mike_york (Jul 12, 2003 07:26PM)

That way if anyone tells you your magic is Bogus make the rabbit appear and there’s their proof your not Bogus b/c that’s Bogus.

Ok cheesy and probably won't work for you.

Bogus is my dogs name! I’m using him in the show until I can set up my breeding program for exotic animals. I still have to get all the proper permits and learn all the regulations yada yada.

We use Bogus in the Girl to tiger illusion, or in my case, girl to dog illusion. And the above is exactly what I do in the illusion.

Message: Posted by: p.b.jones (Jul 21, 2003 02:27AM)
My rabbitts are called


Phillip (thats me!)
Message: Posted by: ianiv (Aug 3, 2003 10:13PM)
Message: Posted by: hmag (Aug 9, 2003 03:31PM)
toosi or viti
Message: Posted by: Jerry Hornak (Aug 10, 2003 11:18AM)
"My bunny's name is... wait. His name is a little funny. You won't laugh, will you? Okay, his name... are you SURE you won't laugh? Okay, his name is... Marshmallow."

And, of course, they laugh. Makes for a fun interactive bit.

Many years ago, my girl bunny was Bonnie, The Baffling Bunny. I won't mention my dove, Gregory... Peck.
Message: Posted by: SnakeBabe (Aug 10, 2003 11:54PM)
I call all my rabbits “Snake Snacks”

..... Sorry, I couldn’t resist.
Hugs and Hissessss,
Message: Posted by: J.S.llusionDesigns (Aug 25, 2003 11:52PM)
Mine is Fluffy.
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael. (Sep 16, 2003 11:12AM)
"Abracadabra"...Abby for short.. When the kids say the infamous magic word there she is! :bunny2:
Message: Posted by: boltt223 (Sep 16, 2003 12:25PM)
My rabbits name is "Deuce" named after one of my magic logos the 2 of diamonds. :smiles:
Message: Posted by: mystic mickey (Oct 11, 2003 10:26PM)
My rabbit's name is MAAGIC wit two a's. As for production rabbit bags get eaten through. I now use a Martini's Magic balloon to bunny. You can use the box to carry props so it's useful. The simplest way to produce a rabbit w/o a box is after a big silk production. Just keep the rabbit in a plastic milk bottle case behind you table, a square of plywood tapes at one end is the top. In the confusion of bundling the silk it's easy to grab the rabbit, walk away fron the table and produce him from the silk load.
Mystic Mickey @ mysticmickey.com
Message: Posted by: troppobob (Oct 20, 2003 07:00AM)
Giday Alex

I came up with "Fluffy" for my white dwarf and I mention to the audience that he is named after the 3 headed dog from harry Potter. But he is not quiet that mean.

Troppo Bob :magicrabbit: :jump: :propeller:
Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (Oct 28, 2003 11:59PM)
My rabbit is named HOUDINI.
(You can see her in my picture).
Works out well in my act because she actually escapes from jail. (Jail Livestock Vanish)

Also, Chewbacca (Chewy) makes a good name.

I like Marshmellow...very cute!
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Oct 29, 2003 02:14AM)
Alex, have you found a name yet, if so what did you pick?
:bunny2: :magicrabbit: :bunny:
Message: Posted by: Bilwonder (Oct 25, 2005 03:17AM)
How about "Buffy (the vampire slayer)"
or "Harriette the Hare"

My first rabbit was called "Peedee" because...well, I vanished her in a tear apart vanish when she was young and as I stood displaying she was gone...drip, drip, drip...a small stream appeared...thus her name...
I guess I could have called her "The Wizzz."

I'm not sure, but my feeling is, a rabbit may be more responsive to a name with hard consonants (rather than a soft sounding name like "Harriet"). It is more clearly recognizible.
Message: Posted by: Daniel Faith (Oct 29, 2005 09:59AM)
So did you pick a name yet or what?

Thumper is another good name.
Message: Posted by: Magicalpro (Nov 11, 2005 09:50PM)
I got two idenitical rabbbits (brothers actually from same liter). I wanted to be able to make a produced rabbit vanish and re-appear someplace else, almost instantly, so first rabbit was named Shazzam, which of course I introduced to the kids, so after vanishing it, and making the second one appear (supposedly the same bunny)(who I named "Shazzam Again"), so when the second one appeared, I was able to say to the kids "Look, it's 'Shazzam Again'" (After all, I didn't want to be accused of lying to the kids!)
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Nov 13, 2005 07:57PM)
Lucy used a rabbit named Maxwell for a couple years. Then the vet recommend that the name be changed to Maxine. There had been a gender error!

Lucy claims that her next one will be Scarlet O'hare or St. Bunnyface.

Magic by Sander
Message: Posted by: joesmagic (Nov 22, 2005 03:32PM)
My first rabbit was called Magic.

I know how about Joe?
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Nov 25, 2005 12:41PM)
My vote goes for "Bob". lol
Message: Posted by: Autumn Morning Star (Dec 1, 2005 02:57PM)
I called my rabbit "Mr. Easter" He was a very fuzzy English Angora.
Message: Posted by: Owen Anderson (Dec 2, 2005 08:05AM)
Once you've narrowed it down why not have your audience help you make the final selection? It could be an interactive bit in your show.
My previous rabbit was named Snowball because kids en masse were calling her that on their own. My current is called Ruby because of the red eyes. Same deal; kids picked it.
(Being male Ruby's a little conflicted but he's dealing with it. Especially when I told him the alternate was 'snake snacks'... )
Message: Posted by: TrickyRicky (Dec 3, 2005 06:06AM)
About 35 years ago my rabbit name was Rabbit Redford, then Foodini. For the last 20 years the name is Lucy. I tell the children she's Chinese (Lucy Liu).
Richard Lyn
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Dec 3, 2005 09:01PM)
On 2005-12-03 07:06, Richard Lyn wrote:
About 35 years ago my rabbit name was Rabbit Redford, then Foodini. For the last 20 years the name is Lucy. I tell the children she's Chinese (Lucy Liu).
Richard Lyn


I like the name. My wife is Lucy and she is frequently called Lucy Lu.

Bob Sanders
Magic by Sander