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Topic: Magnetic Coins???
Message: Posted by: Salby (Jan 6, 2010 05:24PM)
Anyone know where I can find 2 Tarnished Walking Liberty Coins that have very strong MAGNETS in them (NOT Shims)?

The coins must be able to attract to each other strongly with a deck of cards in between them.
Message: Posted by: Salby (Jan 7, 2010 01:46PM)
Message: Posted by: TWOCAN (Jan 7, 2010 04:10PM)
Man I wish I could help you Salby, but most magnetic coins I have will not work with a deck of cards. Get in touch with TC RYDER he is a member here also. cause last time we met up he had some kennedys that were strong enough to do what your looking for. But no libertys. Cheers and best of luck Pal. PT
Message: Posted by: TC Ryder (Jan 7, 2010 05:26PM)
I do have a set of Kennedy's that are so strong that if you lay it in your hands it will pick the other one up on the back of you hand.

PM me if you can't find them in Walkers.

Message: Posted by: Salby (Jan 11, 2010 11:03AM)
Still Searching for the Walking Liberties.

Todd & Jamie can't construct them.

Message: Posted by: Salby (Jan 13, 2010 04:09PM)
I ended up getting the Kennedy Half Dollar Magnetic Coins.

Any place where routines are taught utilizing 2 Magnetic Coins... Preferably in Video/DVD format??
Message: Posted by: Salby (Jan 15, 2010 11:00AM)
Message: Posted by: KOTAH (Jan 15, 2010 01:17PM)
Kreis Magic offers magnetic coins in varying degrees of strength.
Message: Posted by: Joe McIntyre (Jan 16, 2010 07:16AM)
Have you looked at the coin magic of Dr Sawa? he has stuff with magnetic coins.
Message: Posted by: jmagic (Jan 16, 2010 04:00PM)
All the Kreis Coins and Sawa Videos are on sale at Magic Stars Studio
http://www.magic-stars.com Very large line of Custom Coins. Top Quality
Message: Posted by: supra97 (Jan 16, 2010 09:18PM)
Try this site