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Topic: Help - Illusion Building Plan for Sword Box
Message: Posted by: Michael late (Jan 10, 2010 11:47AM)
Hello Guys,

I need your help

I need a illusion plan for this sword box illusion - 16ten swords come I a normal carton box


can somebody help me



Message: Posted by: jimhlou (Jan 10, 2010 10:45PM)
I have seen this performed by a few diferent people over the past few years - I'm pretty sure that no plans are available.

Message: Posted by: Michael late (Jan 11, 2010 01:06AM)
Mmm... why not

I know there is a normal sword box and it must be the same like this carton illusion

I hope somebody can help

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jan 11, 2010 02:12AM)
This looks like the Famous [b] Hans Moretti [/b] Sword Box illusion. He won FISM with this illusion as I remember. I believe he passed away some years ago. In his version it was a flimsy cardboard box and his assistant would point where the spectator should pierce the sword through the box. He would appear in the end in a clown's outfit.

There is no plans for this illusion to my knowledge. It was very protected years ago and I believe it is still protected today. This must be family or someone that got the illusion secret passed onto them.

The original is on video Tape as part of the Stevens Magic Greater Video Library, under the title Sensational Acts of Mystery. It has not been converted to DVD as of yet. The secret is not revealed on this video. They are only acts, no explanations. [url=http://www.stevensmagic.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=93_95_81&products_id=7641&zenid=ejn19p2hmo05vl8f1qo9q42as4]stevensmagic.com[/url]

It is puzzling that you cite 2 sources. Maybe someone from Europe can clear up this mystery.
Message: Posted by: David Charvet (Jan 11, 2010 03:39AM)
I believe Hans Moretti is still living in Germany. According to this entry from German Wikipedia:


I worked with Hans and his wife, Helga, on MagiCruise on the S.S. Norway in 1988 and the act was great. Wonderful people. I believe it was Helga who passed away several years ago.
Message: Posted by: Michael late (Jan 11, 2010 06:58AM)
Thank you guys

I will look that I can contact moretti