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Topic: Jumbo Multiplying Balls
Message: Posted by: soleil (Jan 14, 2010 07:25PM)

I look for some info about giant multiplying balls. I've seen only one magician using these and his name is Mandre - Mike Douglas.
The balls are around five nches in diametre and he used the s___l technique.

All I want to know is if this routine is his or he took it from some printed source.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any video or personal information about this magician.

Anybody can help with some input?


Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Jan 14, 2010 09:40PM)
Peter Gloviczki, M.D. had a routine in his act multiplying Zombie balls. I had the pleasure of witnessing his act, and it was outstanding, and very innovative.

He is a doctor at the Mayo Clinic, but I have not heard of his involvement in magic in many years.


I had 2 different sets of his lecture notes, but the multiplying balls was not in them. I am not sure if he ever released this.

I also just found this webpage, which indicates 3" ball manipulation. Somewhere here I have a short video of his multiplying balls, but as I recall, they were larger than 3". http://magicref.tripod.com/books/glovicszilecture1971.htm