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Topic: Artistry of Milton Erickson MD
Message: Posted by: seadog93 (Jan 15, 2010 11:51PM)
If anyone is interested I have
"The Artistry of Milton Erickson MD" VHS (The monde and nick tape)
for sale in the DVDs and videos for sale page.
Message: Posted by: bobser (Jan 25, 2010 05:42PM)
Erickson was a genius, no doubt of that. But many opf my hypnotist friends and I believe that there's also been a wee bit of bullsh-t written about his skills.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jan 25, 2010 06:01PM)
I do believe there was some exageration.
Message: Posted by: bobser (Jan 25, 2010 06:10PM)
There y'go. Danny Doyle thinks so too. Now then, how long will it be before a certain troublemaker turns up here to either argue against us or to confirm that Erickson truly was a bit of a nob. Either way, he'll have a go at someone, cos he's a very angry wee boy!
MP...!!! MP...!!! are you there???!!!
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Jan 25, 2010 06:57PM)
Exageration underated...

Its all in your mind take yer pick...

Personally I thought he was a purple weirdo. I found any video of his like watching paint dry. However some of the systems and language that was reportedly developed from studying him is pretty good.

The story goes Bandler hardly spent anytime with Erickson on the account he hated Bandler and didn't want him around - and most of the studying or "modelling" was carried out by Grinder.

I have read so much of this crap that I can't even remember where I read it. Or was told it at a seminar...

And Bobser I know you love me on here really...since good posts are hard to find.
Message: Posted by: JAlenS (Jan 25, 2010 08:37PM)
Bandler will be on coast to coast am this Tuesday evening. Maybe someone could call in and ask him.

Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jan 25, 2010 11:24PM)
Speaking of boring LOL.

I find that the further away you are from an event, and the more people the story goes through, the less truth it seems to retain. Not no purpose probably it is just a function of the imperfect nature of comunication is all.
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Jan 26, 2010 03:48AM)
I agree but then most of Bandler's "credibility" is based upon his stories many of which have been proved to be lies. He himself self says you are never to old to have a perfect childhood. Meaning you can re-invent the past.

One of his fantasies was that he was brought up in a hard working class type deprived area. When in actual fact he came from a very comfortable background and was quite shy as a youngster.

Mind you I can't remember where I read that article. But it also seems to be well known amongst many of the NLP community. Which I now have had nothing to do with for many years.