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Topic: Cobra Sharpie 2 Fake
Message: Posted by: magus-inc (Jan 23, 2010 11:49AM)
I purchased a Cobra Sharpie 2 from Magicfront via Ebay. They are a magic store based in Hong Kong. Purchase price was $68 plus postage.
The item arrived yesterday and it worked next to a neo but was very noisy. When I watched the enclosed Alkazam DVD it showed how to change the battery and open the Sharpie up which I did.
When doing so it was self evident that this item is a replica and not constructed in the same manner. I am happy to post this to Alakazam if they wish to look at the item.
I contacted via ebay and email the company in Hong Kong who eventually offered me a refund which they have given but they have asked me to promise not to put negative feedback on ebay and to post the item back to them. Please be warned folks this item may work but it is not as the original.
I have attached a photo of the fake item and one of the original Alakazam. Look at the difference
Message: Posted by: magus-inc (Jan 23, 2010 11:50AM)
PM me if you require these photos as they did not upload