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Topic: Richard Osterlind's Any Card At Any Number
Message: Posted by: Richard Osterlind (Jan 28, 2010 07:00PM)
We have just put out a new app. Any person picks a card and another picks a number. You open the app, hand the phone to someone who deals off cards by sliding his finger over the top of the face down deck. The named card appears at the named number!

Remember, they do it in their own hands.

Check it out here. http://appshopper.com/entertainment/magic-marvels-5

Message: Posted by: ArtofDeception (Jan 29, 2010 03:23PM)
Sounds great
Message: Posted by: magicFreak2 (Jan 30, 2010 05:21PM)
Its actually quite a nice effect. Nothing suspicious, no one ever comes close. Its quick, fast, easy, and impressive. :)

Oh, and did I mention inexpensive?
Message: Posted by: theboywonder (Jan 30, 2010 10:15PM)
. . . and hard to do! I will put in my due diligence and practice it more, but I found it to be an amazing effect, but tricky . . .
Message: Posted by: avenger (Feb 4, 2010 01:28AM)
Hard to do, practice it...
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Feb 4, 2010 06:50PM)
Hi Guys,

We felt the "hard" added to the feeling of achievement, like learning a sleight. It is not difficult, but it is an exacting move. Spend an hour in the practice mode and you should have a good solid foundation. Then move on to the actual app and give it a dry run.

I had a more simple way to get it done, but that was suspicious if repeated. This version can be repeated without tipping the secret. You just have to have it down solid. No hesitation.


Message: Posted by: mormonyoyoman (Feb 4, 2010 10:32PM)
Just downloaded it today (Just got my iTouch today) and find this is as mystifying as advertised. It's not a knuckle-breaker, but it does require a little practice to do smoothly. And, so far, no one has said "Hey - You just had the machine do that."

*jeep!..and God Bless!
Message: Posted by: Roger Kelly (Feb 7, 2010 07:54AM)
With Richard Osterlind's name behind it, I just had to take a look. Lets face it, at 2 its worth it just to have a look!

I was, at first, a little sceptical of this as just another one of those 'electronic magic gimmicks' - but I but I have to say, I performed it to the biggest critic of all last evening - my girlfriend - and it played a treat and almost achieved "WOW" status. It went like this - I hope you like the idea. Rather than use it as it's stand-alone effect, I incorporated it with a regular deck. Stay with me...

We were playing cards together anyway, and after she had shuffled the deck, I said "Count off loudly a number of cards from the top and stop wherever you like..." She counted to, and stopped at, 33 - the 7 of Diamonds. I said, "Amazing - that's the very same card at number 33 in this deck here on my Ipod - go on deal off the cards one at a time..."

The response was worth much more than the paltry 2 download.

Nice one Richard - thanks again!
Message: Posted by: Bill (Jun 8, 2010 04:25PM)
I'm getting depressed. I have a Droid, and no magic apps. I feel like putting my head in a magic guillotine.
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Jun 9, 2010 08:49AM)
Bill, there should be a resolution to your lack of apps in about 5-6 months.
Message: Posted by: Gaz Lawrence (Aug 31, 2010 03:37PM)
I must admit these apps are great and I have lots , but anyone with any brain does realise that these computer phones are incredible and often think " I don't quite know how ,but the phone is doing the work for you " , that's certainly the response I am getting on the whole with all these apps no matter how good or disguised. This is not I can assure you "Magician thinking" just reality in the real world. As much as I love Greg and his great app I force ( probably the best app out there for magic} to say that he is fooling the tech guys in the Apple store is complete bull ! I showed some computer tech guys in PC world and they were streetwise on these in an instant. I cannot believe the guys in the states are that far behind. Its a shame but reality IMO.
Message: Posted by: Steven Keyl (Sep 3, 2010 01:15PM)
Nanaswan, you are correct to an extent that many will think that the magic is "in the phone". However, if you treat iForce as a magic trick then that is how it will be seen. I've gotten dumbfounded reactions using iForce. Why? Because I didn't treat it like a trick. I was simply using the phone because I didn't happen to have a pen and paper handy.

If you treat the prop as simply a tool to write on it will not be seen through as much as you might think. Also, if you know some mentalism effects that don't rely on the features of iForce then that will go a long way to canceling out the idea that the phone is tricked somehow.

If you treat the prop as integral to the performance of the effect, that is what triggers the 'Oh, that's just a phone trick' mentality.