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Topic: Switching Wallet/Purse?
Message: Posted by: RevJohn (Jan 31, 2010 05:17PM)

I remember seeing, I think, Scotty York, doing a C/S/B routine in which a wallet or item switches out some gaffed coins for regular.

I also am aware of Poker Chip Surprise, and the wallet that comes with that routine.

Wondering what other wallets, purses, etc., might you use to switch out gaffed for regular.

I also realize that the infamous "pocket" might be one that you pick as well! :)

Message: Posted by: allen_m (Jan 31, 2010 07:08PM)
I use the The Real Man's Coin Wallet by Anthony Miller for my dollar sized CSB set, and have worked a bit of a routine with it that eliminates the usual 1st switch in the routine...

PM me if you want details...

Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Feb 1, 2010 03:03AM)
Scotty's routine is on the set of the New York Coin Magic Seminar DVD series, vol 8,9, or 10. There is a nice purse switch that can be used to ring in or out gaffs on the latest set of the series, called Workers, Back to Workers, and Workers United.
Message: Posted by: ReviewerMaster (Feb 5, 2010 01:38AM)
Larry Becker has a coin purse that switches billets. I found it perfect for coin work too.
Message: Posted by: RevJohn (Feb 5, 2010 09:20AM)

If I was to get one of the latest DVDs in the series, which DVD has the purse switch on it?


And Larry Becker's coin purse... is it still available, and if so, do you have a link or a source?


Message: Posted by: John Long (Feb 6, 2010 06:19PM)
Not so much a "switch", but a "loading" technique:

As for a two in the hand, one in the pocket type routine, all coins start in a small soft cloth/silken pouch. As I open the pouch, my left hand holds the bottom of the pouch and grabs one coin (thru the cloth), right hand opens up the top of the pouch, left hand dumps the rest of the coins on the table for inspection. My left hand then moves to the right hand, drops the load, and then the pouch in the right hand. The right hand then deposits the pouch to the side, and you are all set to go.
Message: Posted by: Michael Rubinstein (Feb 7, 2010 05:25PM)
The purse switch is done in Time For Change, in I think, vol. 12. you can check the site and see the contents of each.
Message: Posted by: RevJohn (Feb 7, 2010 05:26PM)
Thanks guys for all your suggestions and pointers! Appreciate it greatly.