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Topic: Women Magicians survey
Message: Posted by: petnard (Feb 18, 2010 08:28PM)
Thanks to those who filled out my survey a few years back. Here is what other magicians had to say about why there are relatively fewer women doing magic:
Message: Posted by: Dougini (Aug 1, 2010 01:23PM)
Thank you Petnard! I understand, now. Gee...that's too bad. I guess that illustrates our differences.

I guess I'm just an old-school coot, that wishes things would change, and we'd see females like Melinda, Galina, and others break the mold, so to speak.

I gotta tell ya the truth, I've never been a good looking guy (that's putting it mildly), and got into magic originally to get over my dread of talking to girls. It's also why I became a Radio Disk Jockey. I wanted women to like me. Sadly, I'm 54 and still single, so I've learned those things don't really matter. I've never had a secure point in my life to even THINK about marriage.

At this point in my life, maybe I should be glad I've stayed single, as EVERY married friend I've had in my whole life is divorced, with kids that have suffered through it. One friend killed himself over it.

Ladies, if you do magic...God Bless You! You have my respect and admiration!!!

Message: Posted by: NabsS (Aug 1, 2010 05:51PM)
In my professional field (computer science), it is pretty much the same. There are about 10% women in the CS department of my university (University of Geneva), and IMHO even less if we consider the top students. Concerning magic, the strange part is that the psychology faculty of the same university (and possibly others) is the one with the most women (in percentage). Psychology, as you all know, is one of the main premises of magic (most good tricks are based on some degree of psychology). Maybe if magic was less considered in society to be a geeky passion based on knowing a secret (which encourages male geeks like myself), but more like a form of psychological practice, it might encourage women to be more interested in magic.