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Topic: Interested in Hypnosis not in been Hypnotised??
Message: Posted by: Mark Timon (Mar 6, 2010 05:15PM)
Hi,I've been interested in Hypnosis for a while. I've read a lot about the subject .I was thinking about making some workshops where I live, but the idea of been hypnotised myself doesn't appeal me at all.
what are your thoughts about that? it's that coherent?


Message: Posted by: dmkraig (Mar 6, 2010 06:13PM)
Hi, Mark.

You say that being hypnotized "doesn't appeal" to you. What's the reason behind that? Why don't you want to be hypnotized?
Message: Posted by: Mark Timon (Mar 7, 2010 02:52AM)
I donk like the idea of losing control of my body... even knowing that everything should be fine.

Message: Posted by: Harry Lucas (Mar 7, 2010 04:34AM)
You have more control than ever.
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Mar 7, 2010 09:22AM)
It's quite obvious that you don't even know what hypnosis is. I would suggest that if you at all are interested in hypnosis (or anything else for that matter) you at least consider learning and researching what something is before you make such a claim.

Hypnosis is not just "a neat effect" and your lack of knowledge will only work against you in performance and personally making you appear stupid and very unprofessional. At least have a basic working knowledge as you sound at least somewhat credible or believable. Statements like "I don't like the idea of losing control of my body..." make you appear just that - stupid, uneducated and unprofessional. Please don't be offended as it's not meant personally, but rather just offering some basic Hypnosis 101 advice.
Message: Posted by: dmkraig (Mar 7, 2010 10:18AM)
Mark, I'm not going to insult you, but I will tell you that if you've read "a lot" about the subject you've been reading the wrong books or didn't focus on important aspects. Specifically, which books told you that you'd lose control of your body while hypnotized? I'd like to warn people I talk to away from such fictions.

If you were to go to a hypnotherapist, one of the first things he or she would doóbefore any hypnotic inductionówould be to give you accurate information to replace false ideas you may have acquired over time. You're not alone in fearing that you'd lose control over your body or mind and start barking like a dog or clucking like a chicken.

You may have that idea not from the books you've read, but from some TV show you saw or even a live show. But please consider this: at the beginning of such shows the performer primes the audience to act foolishly for the entertainment of the audience. Most of the people came to the show expecting such things and even hoping to be part of it. Then, the hypnotist chooses the people most likely to respond well to be "performers" on the stage. So what you see are not people who are doing things against their will or who have lost control of their thoughts or minds. They are people having a great time with the hypnotist's encouragement to do exactly what they want to do.

Many of the hypnotists I know refer to themselves as "trance puppies." They love to be hypnotized and will often hypnotize themselves. Many do self-hypnosis or even go on stage in a waking hypnosis state to bring out their best abilities.

My suggestion to you would be to sign up for one workshop and get their early. Talk to the instructor/trainer specifically about your concerns. I have no doubt that your teacher will cover your questions during the workshop so that you'll not only feel okay about being hypnotized, you'll actually eagerly want to experience hypnosis.

Now, I don't know what workshops you're talking about, but most workshops are focused on hypnotherapy rather than stage hypnosis, and there is some limited crossover. I can tell you about the ones I've been to and the one's I've taught. The beginning will give you the history of hypnosis, including some of the incredible things hypnosis can accomplish. Then, you'll learn about the fears and objections many people have about hypnosis and each one will be countered with the facts.

When I've taught classes of 300 people, I tell people "here's what actually happens if someone gives a suggestion you don't like." I say, "Everyone, close your eyes...open your eyes...now get up on your chairs and bark like a dog." About 99% of the people do nothing, but usually one or two get up and bark, making everyone laugh. I point out that they did this because they wanted to. We all laughed, and I usually have everyone give them a hand for making us laugh. But most people simply won't do something they don't want to do.

Now, let me turn this around. What you WILL experience, when hypnotized, is a state of extreme focus and relaxation. You can really "tune in" to yourself. You'll find it pleasant and enjoyable. You may even wonder why you didn't know about this in the past and hope that your teacher will lead you into hypnosis again.

So try one workshop, tell the instructor of your fears/objections before the class, and be prepared to have an absolutely great time along with learning a powerful new skill. Whether you hypnotize someone else or just use it on yourself, you'll be a better performer with the skills you learn.

Oh, and if you have any habits you want to get rid of, you may find that in the class they can help you to rid yourself of them forever.
Message: Posted by: Mark Timon (Mar 7, 2010 01:24PM)
Thanks Mindpro and Dmkraig for your posts, I really appreciate it.
Message: Posted by: magician2121 (Mar 7, 2010 06:44PM)
On skype there are many hypnotists willing to hypnotize in text,voice or video.
Message: Posted by: Nongard1 (Mar 7, 2010 11:56PM)
Half-Million people can't be wrong....

Hypnosis has nothing to do with losing control. I will send you a free "learn Hypnosis" video if you send me a PM with your address....

You will find it is neither mystical nor unnatural.
in fact, you are hypnosized each day, because hypnosis is a natural state.
Message: Posted by: jessewjoseph (Mar 10, 2010 04:19PM)
Wanting to hypnotize but not willing to be hypnotized sounds kind of creepy, doesn't it?
Message: Posted by: bobser (Mar 10, 2010 05:30PM)
On 2010-03-10 17:19, jessewjoseph wrote:
Wanting to hypnotize but not willing to be hypnotized sounds kind of creepy, doesn't it?

Yeah. Kinda like: I wanna hypnotise but don't wanna be hypnotised... in case the hypnotist is just like me, and I end up pregnant, even although I'm a guy.
Message: Posted by: jessewjoseph (Mar 10, 2010 08:48PM)
On 2010-03-10 18:30, bobser wrote:

Yeah. Kinda like: I wanna hypnotise but don't wanna be hypnotised... in case the hypnotist is just like me, and I end up pregnant, even although I'm a guy.

I once saw a stage show where they did this. Hypnosis is scary stuff.