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Topic: Elastic bands
Message: Posted by: Christopher Williams (Jun 24, 2003 01:56PM)
How many tricks can you do with just elastic bands. To my knowledge, I can do

1. Crazy mans handcuffs
2. Jumping elastic bands
3. 2 elastic bands into 1
4. Broken and restored elastic band
5. Elastic band through thunmb
6. Elastic ski lift
7. Linking elastic bands :handcuffs:
Message: Posted by: Mark Martinez (Jun 24, 2003 06:27PM)
Here is an effect that I use to follow up Crazy mans handcuffs, I don't know the name... But you show your fingers in the same position as the Crazy mans handcuffs and then ball up one of the rubberbands and crush it into nothing...
Message: Posted by: hawkbird (Jul 24, 2003 01:28AM)
Not a trick with bands, but it will get you out of a bad situation when one breaks unintentionally. Wrap the broken band around the two bottom fingers once or twice. Then run the rest of the band up through the fist up through the center of the fist and out from the thumb and first finger. With about 3-4 inches of band showing ask someone if they know what a rat's a** looks like when eaten by a anaconda (snake). After they answer just release the pressure on the band allowing it to sink into the fist. It should get a laugh! :thumbsup:
Message: Posted by: wayman (Jul 24, 2003 02:39PM)
Chuds: you forgot linking bands.


I do this but secretly load a band onto my ear first, and when they say where did it go I slowly gesture towards my ear.

You wont believe how something as simple as this will make people freak out!!
Message: Posted by: Christopher Williams (Jul 25, 2003 08:24AM)
No, that's number 7 wayman.
Message: Posted by: koan (Aug 10, 2003 05:04AM)
Ring rising on band
Message: Posted by: xblazer97 (Aug 10, 2003 02:18PM)
I have heard about a lot of cool rubberband tricks can anyone inform me?
Message: Posted by: Christopher Williams (Aug 10, 2003 02:53PM)
What type of tricks do you want to know about?