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Topic: Perfectly Clear Prediction
Message: Posted by: Matthew Wright (Mar 20, 2010 12:06PM)
I have now finished work on what I expect to be the final prototype of the "Perfectly Clear Prediction" and have given it to my master craftsman to reproduce one final box before I take it into full production.

Inspired by the Zimmerman Master Prediction System and the Wellington Clear-Vue Master Prediction, I believe the Perfectly Clear Prediction is a a move forward in the quest for the ultimate on view prediction box.

Like the Clear-Vue the PCP allows the spectator to see what is inside the box throughout the performance but has some unique features that make it a valid addition to the market.

The main differences are:

The box is clear on five sides.

The box is a stand alone item- no need for a table to be brought on mid performance.

The box has an open load- no need for assistants or any off-stage work.

The lid opens backwards meaning the prediction REMAINS IN FULL VIEW as it is removed from the box.

The SPECTATOR can reach in and remove the prediction themselves.

The prediction can be inside an envelope or on a business card etc- no strange plastic capsule.

The design and build of the box has taken the best part of three years and has been the final examination piece of my BA degree in Special Effects (along with a Tommy Wonder alarm clock nest of boxes).

The first box will be back from the manufacturers (a very well respected special effects engineer) by early May and I will then be able to take the product to market.

I expect this to be a VERY limited edition and don't envisage having anymore than ten made per year at most.

This will be my first trip into the magic market and I am determined that I build a fantastic reputation for products of the very highest quality. This is not a cheap plastic item. They are hand crafted and take many many hours to make.

I hope you like it.

Matthew Wright
Message: Posted by: Christopher Williams (Mar 20, 2010 12:28PM)
Sounds very good, and a rough estimate on price? Very tempted by one of these
Message: Posted by: twistedace (Mar 20, 2010 12:33PM)
I would love to see a demo of this. I'm not a mentalist, but this does sound pretty cool.
Message: Posted by: Caliban (Mar 20, 2010 12:41PM)

This sounds really interesting. The other boxes you mentioned are rather big - they are illusion sized by the time you take the table into consideration. This sounds like it would be much more practical for a one man stand-up act to carry about. I'd be interest to know roughly how big the box is and how large an object you can load into it.
Message: Posted by: Matthew Wright (Mar 20, 2010 12:49PM)
It won't be cheap I'm afraid- but it will be competitive!!!

The Master Prediction is $2995 or around £2000

The Clear-Vue is $3795 or around £2500

The Perfectly Clear Prediction will be around the £1600 mark.

While I know this is a lot of money I think it is good value- the bolts alone cost around £70 per box!!

Twistedace- you don't need to be a mentalist. This could be the most expensive signed card to impossible location you have ever seen!

I will be preparing our new show at the House Of Illusion in Spain for the next month so will not get a chance to film any kind of performance until then but rest assured- the box will be playing an important role in the show so I will film it asap.
Message: Posted by: Matthew Wright (Mar 20, 2010 12:59PM)
Caliban- the points you bring up are some of the very reasons I designed the box. I do not have the box with me right now but I know the internal dimensions of the box are 200mm. I would say the outer dimensions are less then 300mm square.

As for size of prediction- it will only hold up to the size of a small manilla envelope (the ones that a playing card will fit in). It will hold a playing card, a business card or anything else you can fit in the envlope.

The envelope doesn't have to be used.
Message: Posted by: Matthew Wright (Mar 20, 2010 07:15PM)
Message: Posted by: AaronishMagic (Mar 20, 2010 10:40PM)
Looks lovely.. but it'd be great if it can be.. a little larger. My age won't allow me to see things like I used to.
Message: Posted by: Matthew Wright (Mar 21, 2010 02:03AM)
I know. Unfortunately that is the biggest size the Café will allow. :-(
Message: Posted by: tenchu (May 18, 2010 01:59PM)
Please, maybe put the bigger picture on tinypic.com?
Message: Posted by: Doomo (May 19, 2010 10:12AM)
On 2010-03-20 13:06, matthew wright wrote:

Like the Clear-Vue the PCP allows the spectator to see what is inside the box throughout the performance but has some unique features that make it a valid addition to the market.

I hope you like it.

Matthew Wright

I must admit... the PCP does intrigue me...
Message: Posted by: Matthew Wright (Feb 21, 2011 12:13PM)
Just to let you know that I have moved on a little with the PCP project. I have found a top magic manufacturer who has taken my year long honed working prototype (that was used in my FISM competition act this weekednd) and has added some genius little touches- along with perhaps bringing the price down a little too!
I anticipate that it will be ready to go by the end of March or April at the latest and the price will be more like £1200 rather than the £1600 I first thought- please don't hold me to that though!
Message: Posted by: Matthew Wright (Feb 21, 2011 12:18PM)
Message: Posted by: Matthew Wright (Feb 21, 2011 12:22PM)
The pic above was an earlier photograph of prototype no2. Number three has been in use for the past 8 months twice nightly in my show. Prototype 4 (the final design) will be coming soon- pics to follow.

These will be custom made to order and will come probably come with three price options depending upon your choice of materials. (choices such as aluminium or steel- perspex or bullet proof glass etc)
Message: Posted by: matt-g (Feb 21, 2011 05:32PM)
This has certainly got my attention. Look forward to it's release
Message: Posted by: Matthew Wright (Feb 26, 2011 07:37PM)
I am expecting my first final box to be ready in the next couple of weeks. Just to give everyone an idea of the kind of quality I am looking for- the box is being made by Xavier Belmont. For those who don't recognise the name please do a search on the Café. Xavier is one of the most respected gaff makers in the world and I am absolutely thrilled that he has agreed to team up with me on this project.
Message: Posted by: Rupert Bair (Feb 28, 2011 06:27PM)
Hello All,

I've seen Matt hone and perform this live many many times - and I can safely vouch for its brilliance, its design and ability to bamboozle. And I'm sure the manufactured version will be even better than the original.

I am confident this is the prediction box you are looking for.

Matt Colman
Message: Posted by: Matthew Wright (Nov 3, 2011 06:13AM)
This is getting very close to market now.

Message: Posted by: Matthew Wright (Feb 14, 2012 04:58AM)
Anyone who is going to Blackpool will be able to get a look at the PCP and I will have just three for sale on special 40% discount rate to get some other peoples feedback before full release at FISM.
Message: Posted by: Mark Southworth (Feb 14, 2012 10:08AM)
Wow that's great, love the concept & I'm sure they won't be around for long :)

How long before the next batch Matt or will this still be a limited run due to the work involved ?
Message: Posted by: David Klass (Feb 14, 2012 01:35PM)
Matt, can I ask how big they are please? They look great.
Message: Posted by: RNK (Feb 14, 2012 01:54PM)
Wonder if this achieves the same effect as Devin Knights Glass Box Revisited. If so, I would be a little disappointed only because you can buy the box and PDF off Devin for less than $50.00. Master prediction systems are so expensive- hopefully this may be a little different. Very Curious! Can't wait to read more about it. Or is this like a bigger version of the Crystal Switch Box which simply switches billets?

Message: Posted by: Matthew Wright (Feb 14, 2012 06:37PM)
This is neither Devins Glass Box nor the switching box.

The switching box (from what I understand) needs to be pre-loaded with the switch item.

The PCP allows you to load the prediction with the box in full view AFTER the information has been received.

The PCP is finely engineered and has been in development for over 4 years. I have used and road tested my prototype almost every night for the past two years and it has never let me down.

I mentioned above in March 2010 that I thought it would sell for £1600....I think that price is much more likely to be £995.

I think this makes it a viable alternative to the Master Prediction System and will be perfect for solo performers because there is no need for an assistant or separate table. It will also suit those who don't want to be carrying around large props. The PCP is designed to fit in most airline carriers hold.
Message: Posted by: Matthew Wright (Feb 14, 2012 06:41PM)
David, The outside measurements of the box is 22cm cubed
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Feb 18, 2012 12:33PM)
Will this work in a surrounded environment?

Also, in a parlor situation?
Message: Posted by: Matthew Wright (Feb 20, 2012 09:51AM)
It is designed for a parlour situation but would not work well surrounded
Message: Posted by: nique (Feb 20, 2012 10:59AM)
Matthew, where can one find out more about this, ordering info etc?