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Topic: Richard Sanders Identity
Message: Posted by: Rich G (Mar 21, 2010 11:17PM)
I just recently got Identity at the Nemcon convention in Ct., I love the effect, but was thinking, this is an effect to perform on a complete stranger, one that you could not know their name beforehand. I was thinking that I would like to perform this effect for friends, whose names of course I would know, so, revealing their name on the back of the card wouldn't be so amazing. I was trying to come up with some other place or item that I could have "appear" on the back of the card, like their favorite food, or favorite vacation place... Anyone have any other ideas? Any help, or suggestions would be helpful.

Message: Posted by: ryanalewis (Mar 26, 2010 04:10PM)
Hi Rich,

You can find a 14 page dissection and discussion on this trick here:


But to address your question directly, my favorite is to use "favorite color". There are many suggestions around this question in the above thread.

The color routine I use is shortly after I pull out the deck and spread is (kind of casually asked) "What is your favorite color?" if they say blue/red and I have that color deck I say "Wow, and look at that the deck changed to your favorite color. I can't beat that as I trick, I'm done. No just kidding.." and move into the trick, if not I do the whole "Ooh, and I brought a red deck. Too bad. Well, lets see if I can do better".

By the time you get to any reveals they have long forgotten the color part, and you can freely reveal the color spelled out on the card. People you know will love it, as there is no way you can remember what their favorite color is; and its something that can change over time!

Good luck, you'll love this effect.