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Topic: 18 swords, nipple rings big enough to immobilize King Kong, and the Sydney Opera House
Message: Posted by: rossmacrae (Mar 23, 2010 08:36PM)
Linked to by Fark today: [url=http://bigpicture.ru/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/842.jpg]HERE[/url]

Who is this guy?
Message: Posted by: Freak Prodigy (Mar 23, 2010 08:38PM)
Space Cowboy. Chayne Hultgren.
Message: Posted by: BostonBlackie (Mar 23, 2010 09:27PM)

Space Cowboy is someone worth interviewing. Great street performer.
Message: Posted by: jondark445 (Mar 24, 2010 06:44AM)
Wow....what an excellent website!!!!
Message: Posted by: thegreatnippulini (Mar 24, 2010 07:37AM)
His nipples aren't THAT big....

...and, he doesn't even DO anything with them!

BTW, that link to the pic doesn't work. [url=http://greatnippulini.com/mmr1.jpg]THIS[/url] one does.
Message: Posted by: willhunter (Mar 24, 2010 09:06AM)
I second the vote for best SS performer website!