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Topic: Anyone ever make a wooden cardbox?
Message: Posted by: JeffHall (Apr 8, 2002 10:29AM)
Is there anyone out there that has made a wooden card box?
thanks, Jeff
Message: Posted by: DoctorAmazo (Apr 11, 2002 08:00AM)
It's not clear what you are looking for.

Do you mean to simulate a regular card case? There are plastic ones available that look like the real thing from a distance.

I've seen plans for decorative wooden two-deck boxes that sit on a desk or coffee table, but I doubt that's what you mean.
Message: Posted by: Whiterabbit (Jul 14, 2002 08:59PM)
I've made a leather card case. If you choose the right weight leather, you can make small boxes. A leather working book at the library will probably show you how. Is this thing to be gaffed?