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Topic: workin’ on the streets
Message: Posted by: ed rhodes (Sep 8, 2001 11:01AM)
Which I've only done about three times so maybe I'm not the person to post here... but it looked empty.

The first time, I was doing great had a nice crowd everybody was grooving, then a friendly policeman came by and threatened to put me in jail if I didn't move on.

Oddly enough, the other two times I had trouble gathering anyone... maybe my spirit was broken. :bawl:
Message: Posted by: Mike Giusti (Sep 8, 2001 03:46PM)
Different cities have different rules which seem to conflict with your Freedom of Speech rights. You will want to check with every city's Chamber of Commerce and inquire about performing on the streets. As long as you are not soliciting for money (only accepting donations), almost every COC will permit you to perform.

The best advice I can gove you is to buy David Grove's book, "How To Be a Street Magician," by Aha Press. You can get it directly from David at:


It covers everything from which cities are best to perform at to what types of effects work best.

Highly recommended!
Message: Posted by: ed rhodes (Sep 10, 2001 05:40AM)
Yeah, but Iím in Rhode Island now, about the only time I could consider street magic would be during WaterFire. :hmm:
Message: Posted by: asmayly (Sep 17, 2001 10:55AM)

Did you actually call up the city to see what the rules are?

I did, in my small, conservative town and I discovered that I could do magic on the streets and collect tips as long as I wasn't selling food (which I then would need a peddler's food license) and I couldn't do magic in the park (but I could on the streets around and across from the park. I couldn't IN the park, because people were usually "renting" the park for some reason).

Call the city and be honest that you want to do magic and collect tips. Ask them what are the rules. Get their names, phone numbers, and dates.

You may be pleasantly surprised.

Message: Posted by: ed rhodes (Sep 24, 2001 01:13PM)
I don't know if I could perform or not. I DO know that this is Providence, they have almost NO concept of street performers here and about the only time I'd have any chance to make any money would be during a Waterfire. (Look up Providence on the web and see if they mention what Waterfire is.)
Message: Posted by: vovin (Jan 11, 2002 04:00AM)
If you are not doing it for money, try your local mall.
Message: Posted by: Doug Byrd (Feb 10, 2002 05:35AM)
As long as the mob get's their cut you shouldn't have any problems. HAHAHAHA!
Message: Posted by: ed rhodes (Mar 2, 2002 02:21PM)
Hey! You've been to Providence! :rotf:
Message: Posted by: ed rhodes (Jun 6, 2021 01:58PM)
Updating this. I have, in fact, received a license from the city allowing me to perform on the street.

I found TWO locations; one on Thayer Street, outside a pizza parlor. The best thing about this is, if I can't get people to stop, I can work for the people sitting in the window, eating pizza.


The other spot WAS the "Carousel Village" in Roger Williams Park;


The Roger Williams Park Zoo bought the Carousel Village, and decided they didn't "need" a magician there. *sigh*