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Topic: A Public apology to all of WTF No Limits Customers Future and Current
Message: Posted by: Justin N. Miller (Apr 19, 2010 12:45PM)
This is a public statement for the Company know as WTF No Limits located at http://www.wtfnolimits.com

I Justin Miller would like to take this time to apologize to all of WTF No Limits Customers current and future. I take full responsibility for all of my actions that were not conducive to No Limits ideals, and their consumer marketing. While a partner and part owner of WTF No Limits I jeopardized the integrity and character of No Limits by allowing the depression I went through, because of my divorce and my sons condition, to over take me and make really bad choices for myself and the company. Mike Geesey and Robert Smith depended on my sanity and my judgment and I failed both of them.

I take full responsibility of harming the image of WTF No Limits.
There is no excuse for what I allowed to happen to myself and the company but I felt it was important for all of you to understand why it happened. Many of you know that this is not the first time I have had problems with the magic community. I can guarantee you that I have never, ever, cheated any one on purpose or to just do it. That is just not me. And those of you who really really know me not just "know the image" companies have created around me, know that what I say is the truth. I lost my faith in God and everything I believed in when my ex-wife left me. Those who know me know I use to be a small group pastor so you know that I was genuine. sine my faith was damaged I began to lean on my own ways and my own actions, in that, I hurt my 2 very best friends Mike Geesey and Robert Smith (B. Smith). I never should have entered into the company when I did as creator and owner, I was not stable, nor was I ready. Please, please do not let what I did make you lose faith In what the magic world will see will become one of the most influential magic companies ever.
Mike Geesey and B. Smith are 2 of the..no they are the most upstanding human beings I have ever had the chance of meeting and becoming friends with. So, you can with 100 percent confidence know that your money and consumerism with them is going to be of the highest order.

As a side note. Many of you will be quick to judge me and make up your mind about me, or say something, I understand how easy it is to do that. And I know this because I see that in me as well. But its allot harder and more humbling to allow yourself to step as much as possible in someone else's shoes. I have been in your eye for over a decade, you have seen my life in good times and the dark times, my fans have always stood by my side and I thank you eternally for that and my detractors have used moments like this to fuel the fire. I am not going anywhere. And when I do decide to return you will see a better and whole Justin Miller than when I first started in the is magic community. For now I am grieving the loss of everything I ever had, my family, my house, my car, my phone. I lost everything before I joined with Mike and B.Smith

if I owe any of you anything (which I know there are a few of you from years ago) then please e-mail me at enduremiller@gmail.com and I will make arrangements with you to get it right.
Sincerly and humbly,
Justin Miller
Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (Apr 19, 2010 01:03PM)
Justin ,I am sorry for all you have lost.Depression, after all that is understandable. To lose your faith and family ,must leave you feeling hollow and alone.I wish you well in your climb back up from depression and in rebuilding your life.Glenn
Message: Posted by: magicmike30 (Apr 19, 2010 01:18PM)
Justin we are a brotherhood in by what we do. Sorry for what you have gone through and just know I'm pulling for you brother. Find strength for you son. Being a Dad is the best magic I have ever done.
You are making things right Justin by the sounds of it, one day at a time, one day.

Message: Posted by: mayniac (Apr 19, 2010 03:56PM)
Justin: Thank you for letting everyone know the situation on this issue. I erroneously made early judgements about you, and I was wrong to do so. Now that I have heard the other side of the story, I have come to understand all of the various things you are going through.

Peace to you Justin, and I wish you well as you try to move forward through life.
Message: Posted by: magicbymike (Apr 19, 2010 11:11PM)
I don't care WHO you are but this takes BALLS to post something like this on a public forum and you already know that I understand what you're going through man. And you're right, I found it befitting when I saw you post-Ellusionist and way past the good old days at Magi-Fest dressed up in the "E-Gear" and said to myself, "WTF!" Unfortunately money and fame take over sometimes and it gets the best of people. Little do some realize that THAT is the illusion! I understand about making bad decisions, I have made a few myself. Just get back up when you're ready, take a deep breath, dust yourself off, and jump back on your saddle. Take it one day at a time.
Message: Posted by: Mr. Mystoffelees (Apr 20, 2010 08:09AM)

On the bright side, there are some things no one can take. You've got friends, and a helluva talent in magic-Lean on both and come back strong!

magicbymike, thanks for a good laugh. I was at MagiFest and had the same thoughts...

Message: Posted by: Joe Mauro (Apr 20, 2010 10:04AM)
Justin, I'm sorry to hear of your struggles. Please let us know when you have a new offering so we can support your comeback.
Message: Posted by: theboywonder (Apr 20, 2010 01:04PM)
All the best, Justin. You have always been, and will continue to be one of the best out there, Ellusionist or not! I'm sorry for all of your worldly and spiritual losses, but please don't be mad when I say my prayers are with you. Looking forward to your next big (and I'm sure great) release, but in the meantime take it easy. We fellow magicians aren't going anywhere . . .
Message: Posted by: MaxfieldsMagic (Apr 20, 2010 08:31PM)
Wow. That sucks. Sorry you're going through such a hard time right now. Maybe I'm living in a vacuum, but I had no knowledge of you letting anyone down. I've always enjoyed your releases - particularly Silver Dreams, Time and Space, Strolling Hands, the DVD for the Trinity System, etc, and have never failed to be impressed or to learn from them. Hope things look up for you sometime soon.
Message: Posted by: Justin N. Miller (Apr 26, 2010 09:08PM)
First, I want to thank every single one of you who has a soul and who has tried to imagine what Im going through right now.
Your e-mails and cards are beyond anything I could have imagined.

Second, I want you all to know that I just received a phone call from Mike Geesey (co-owner of No Limits), and in a act of kindness he put his hand, and heart, towards me again and asked me how I was doing. He told me he and B. still cared about me and that they just want the best for me. They both have seen me in my dark times and they are genuinely concerned about me and wish me the very best as I do them as well.

We all are one step towards working on our friendship and it took a lot for him to do that considering the circumstances we have had to go through.

No Limits is a great company and they deserve all of our support.

Justin Miller
Message: Posted by: APC (Apr 26, 2010 09:55PM)
Justin, I have always praised your work and I am glad to know you are trying to make amends. I am truly sorry that you are going through such a dark time, and I hope things continue to get better. I'm not sure what happened, but your apology seems sincere and I appreciate that. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you are able to fix friendships.

Message: Posted by: The great Gumbini (Apr 26, 2010 11:41PM)

I too have faith in God and there is something you need to know. What you did here took guts and shows you are very well on your way to the healing you seek. You also showed what a great company WTF No Limits is because it has honest people like you associated with it in one form or another (even if it's past tense for now). We all make mistakes that is human. But when you see someone trying to do right---that takes integrity. Finally, and most importantly, you at one point lost your faith in God---but He never lost faith in you. He will help you make things right my friend. I wish you all the best. And God bless you.

Good magic to all,

Message: Posted by: John C (Apr 27, 2010 06:38AM)
I love this joint attention routine. Been having a lot of fun with it.

Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Apr 27, 2010 12:57PM)
Nobody's perfect. And nobody knows another man's heart. I have never been personally wronged by Justin, so there is nothing to forgive on my end. However, I am a fan of second (and third and fourth) chances. I know I've been given them. Different people react differently to loss. Depression can be debilitating. So can guilt. If you feel like you've been burned by someone, don't do business with him again. But please don't kick a guy while he's down. It doesn't help him and just makes you look like a bully.
Message: Posted by: Justin N. Miller (Apr 27, 2010 01:33PM)
Ahhh,I only added again to this thread because after talking to no limits I wanted to let people know that they are great guys and their compassion and strength is what will make people take notice.
Message: Posted by: Xiqual (Apr 27, 2010 06:52PM)
Excellent sentiment Scott. I don't know where I would be without a few third and fourth chances in my life.

Hope things get better for you Justin,

On 2010-04-27 13:57, Scott F. Guinn wrote:
Nobody's perfect. And nobody knows another man's heart. If you choose not to accept Justin's apology because of a pattern of behavior, that is certainly your right. It is also your right if you choose to forgive him.

I have never been personally wronged by Justin, so there is nothing to forgive on my end. However, I am a fan of second (and third and fourth) chances. I know I've been given them. Different people react differently to loss. Depression can be debilitating. So can guilt. If you feel like you've been burned by someone, don't do business with him again. But please don't kick a guy while he's down. It doesn't help him and just makes you look like a bully.
Message: Posted by: MaxfieldsMagic (Apr 27, 2010 09:14PM)
Anytime I feel the urge to judge someone, I think back to when I flunked out of college at age 19 due to a variety of issues of my own making. I took a Greyhound bus 345 miles in the middle of the summer of 1986 back to the college to ask for another chance. When they gave it to me, I went into straight "A"s, and eventually got into one of the best law schools in the country. As an alumnus, I give my undergrad college money every time they call, and will be forever grateful for the second chance. Personal redemption is possible and real, if we make up our minds to take the necessary steps, and have the support of others.

Justin has already given us an amazing amount of great ideas and material; if he retired today, already he would have left a durable and positive mark on the world of magic. If he's gotten a second or third wind and decided to improve himself, I and many others are looking forward to benefiting from the fruits of his creativity.
Message: Posted by: The great Gumbini (Apr 27, 2010 11:13PM)
If God who is perfect can forgive---then I who am far from perfect can do the same.

Good magic to all,

Message: Posted by: The Mac (Apr 28, 2010 02:20PM)

I wish you goodluck and may your business reputation recover. We are all human in that we make mistakes.
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Apr 30, 2010 09:28AM)
Justin, that took courage that a lot of folks could only hope for. I've been through those kind of trials in life (divorce, death, and more) and I can only say no one can understand how these things literally tear a man's guts out unless they themselves have been through it.

"A good man may fall seven times, but he picks himself up every time." (Proverb)
Message: Posted by: magicalwishes (Apr 30, 2010 11:08AM)
I wish Justin luck in his recovery, I know rehab and family issues all rolled up can be hard. Try to get on the right road this time Justin we all want to see you succeed. I think it is great he is taking responsibility for his own actions and not blaming anything or anyone. I use to blame my family issues and stuff on my acitons and I faced the truth. I lost my family because of my habits too. I only hope to make amends in full one day. HERE HERE Justin for taking control of your own life and accepting responsibility for your past.

Message: Posted by: Justin N. Miller (Apr 30, 2010 07:43PM)
The magic Café is the magicians world of TMZ!
I am not now nor have I ever been in rehab.
And all the other rumors I have heard...very very imaginative!

I wanted to make that clear.